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How to Write Aircraft Quality Assurance Specialist Resume

The work of a quality Aircraft assurance specialist is to ensure they monitor and test equipment and make recommendations for positive improvements. Writing an aircraft specialist resume requires more comprehensive and detailed information due to the nature of the position. Keep in mind that a strong resume is the key to being invited for a job interview.

Therefore, it's crucial to ensure your resume stands out from other candidates. Get help from any aviation resume writers if you aren’t sure you can write one that will attract the hiring manager's attention. The most relevant information the hiring manager is looking for should be retrievable in a blink of an eye.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to include in your resume (with examples) when applying for a position as an aircraft-quality assurance in a way it will attract the recruiter's attention.

Summary Statement

In this section, mention your most significant attributes and accomplishment. Include as many jobs specific information and powerful action verbs as possible. Aircraft quality assurance specialists have tremendous responsibilities in regard to the functionality and safety of their assignments. Since this position is crucial, be sure to highlight fundamental attributes that successfully showcase your accomplishments and qualifications.

If you have no job experience and not sure to include it in this section, begin by providing your names and contact information. After that, mention your objective statement or summary statement covering your intention of applying to this position or your top qualifications.

A summary statement should appear at the top section of your resume displaying your top best qualifications. If you don’t have much experience, name it as “objective statement”.

See Example
• Skilled aircraft inspector with a comprehensive understanding of airplane technicalities, including maintaining and using complex tools. Experienced with spreadsheet and technical software as well as centralized safety standards. Outstanding attention to detail in regard to mechanical assessments. Dedicated to ensuring aircraft are in excellent condition, and all safety regulations are met.

Qualification Section

In this segment, identify the skills listed in the position you are applying for and account for each one of them in your resume. It’s advisable to list at least five to ten skills highlighting your soft skills and unique abilities that set you apart from other candidates.

The hiring manager may require you to go deeper into your technical skill due to the nature of the job awaiting you in the aircraft industry. Cover all your technical, communication, and critical-thinking qualifications.   Ensure you highlight your proficiency in aircraft database management, computer-aided design software as well as inspection and thermographic equipment.

Highlight your most extensive and relevant quality assurance duties. Mention job-specific accomplishments, and don’t forget to use powerful action verbs to demonstrate you are an outstanding applicant. You can always ask aviation resume writers to show you how to do it as mentioned earlier.

See example
• Performed test on all devices during and after production
• Examined material prior to production to ensure quality and authenticity
• Reported major issues to senior management right away
• Tested and monitored equipment prior to recording data
• Eliminated materials and products that didn’t meet established requirements
• Made recommendations to enhance efficiency and safety of products

Education Section

Mention all your certifications and degrees here, including any distinction or honors. The recruiters may not be interested in your high school education. So mention higher degree education and leave the rest.

See example
• 2004-2008 UAL, Master of Science in Civil Engineering UAL, London
• 2009-2014 UAL, Bachelor in Civil Engineering UAL, London

Skills Section

An exceptional Aircraft Quality Assurance Specialist Resume should include several impressive skills. To be considered a strong applicant, present yourself as a detailed oriented and knowledgeable individual proficient in all applicable rules and regulations in the aircraft industry. In addition, ensure you include job-specific skills.

See example
• Excellent communication skills hence able to work efficiently with other inspectors
• Exceptional critical thinking to effectively find the solution to technical problems
• Maintain composure when solving technical problems
• Expert in technical software, including aircraft database management and CAD program
• Skilled knowledge of inspection and thermographic equipment
• Keen attention to details
• Proficient understanding of different types of aircraft to effectively perform repairs and maintenance.

Work Experience

Highlight your previous work experiences. The key is to make it easy to read and keep it short. On the other hand, you don’t have to be too specific and refrain from adding irrelevant experiences out of aircraft work.

Suppose you have no past experience in the airline industry. In that case, professional aviation resume writers will recheck your application to be sure it meets requirements. Some companies may request an experience and no objection certificate from your previous work. However, this is not always compulsory and you can always check if it is among the requirements. Here are examples of some of the work experience you can mention.

See example
• Inspected planes for damage and security problems
• Managed maintenance database
• Recorded information about aircraft maintenance
• Examined reports and complaints of safety violations 
• Communicated aircraft need to other professionals ensuring maintenances and inspections are carried out on time
• Distributed licenses to newly- qualified inspectors

Trophies and Awards

Include this section if you only have awards or trophies in the course of your work.

See examples
• Received Navy Achievement Medal at Aiman First Class on 15th May 2012
• Air Force Outstanding Unit Award 1 silver - Staff segment on 20th July 2014
• Nato Medal -  Master Segment on 10th March 2016
• Air force Achievement Medal 1 -  Oak Leaf Cluster and 1 Silver on 20th March 2017
• Professional Inspector Certification 2016

Personal Details

For a stronger resume, let the hiring manager know more about yourself—your personal interest, including what you like engaging in during your free time. Hobbies and interests bolster your listed skills. You can include your volunteer work if you are a college fresher and don’t have work experience. Remember to mention the passport you hold in this section.

See Example
I am an outdoor enthusiast who loves to learn new activities such as fencing and archery. In addition, I am an enthusiastic runner. I have frequently participated in triathlons. I relish learning and understanding federal safety regulations so I can make sure aircraft work smoothly. When not at work, I love spending with my family. When time allows, I volunteer as a social in our community.


This segment is optional. Only include it if you have space to spare. Mention three or four individuals you have interacted within the aircraft industry. It could be a Chief Pilot, Flight Inspector, or Captain. Give out their phone number or email address in case the recruiter wants to contact them.