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Well, hello there! Thanks for your interest in writing guest posts / articles for our site!

We highly appreciate such Guest Post / Article submissions, which are unique, well-written and of high quality contents, having a niche on the topics.



We would prefer to publish your guest post(s) in our site relating to the following areas:

  • LAW (Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Industrial Law, Environmental Law, Case Laws, etc)
  • IPR-Intellectual Property Rights (Patents, Copyright, Trademark, Designs, Industrial Designs, Geographical Indications, etc)
  • FINANCE (Accountancy, Costing, Business Plan, Project Commercials, etc)
  • HUMAN RESOURCES (Talent Acquisition, Employee Management, Workspace, etc)
  • Other MANAGEMENT & Strategic subjects
We may allow other topics too depending upon the content quality of your article.

Note: The article, that you submit to us, mustn't have been already published in any other websites earlier neither the same article is to be published some other websites after we publish it.

Do note that we carry out plagiarism test for all guest posts.


Hyperlinks in the post is optional. But if you add it, the following conditions are applicable.


We allow only 2 hyperlinks in a Guest Post in the following manner:
 - 1st link in the description part of the post;
 - 2nd link in the author's bio (linkedin profile, etc).

As per your choice, we can make the link either DoFollow or NoFollow link.

Please note that DoFollow links are only given to credible links (we verify spammy links).


If you desire to add more than 2 links in the post,
then we'll have to charge you a minor fee of USD 5 per article.


Please send us an email at admin@corporate-cases.com and then we can take it forward from there.