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Experience and No Objection Certificate from Employer Format

In some occasions, the new company you are applying to will ask for a no objection certificate from your previous company along with an experience certificate.

no objection certificate from employer for new job
The NOC is mainly to clearly state that the previous employer has no objection to the employee joining any other company. Generally, this situation arises if the new employer doubts that the new employee might have had a non-competitive agreement signed with the previous employer or there was a non-compete clause in the contract, which prevents him from joining a new company in the same industry.

Here is a template of no objection certificate from employer for a new job. The letter has to be printed on the letterhead of the company and signed by the concerned officer with company seal.



This is to certify that (Name of the Employee), aged .... years, son/daughter of (Name of the Father) was working in our company i.e. ............... Limited as an employee with employee code .............

At the time of separation, he was holding the position of a/an (Designation) in the ................... Department of the company. He was associated with the company as a full time employee from (Date) till (Date).

His performance during his employment term was up to the required level of standard. He handled his assignments responsibly and completed them in a timely manner. He was punctual and adhered to the office ethics. He took initiative in dealing with the new issues in creative and efficient ways.

We have no objection to his applying or getting a job in any other organisation. We would highly recommend him.

During his service period, his conduct and character is good.

We wish all the best in his future endeavors.

For .................... Limited,

(Name of the Officer)

Date: .................
Place: ................