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What Is A Resume? Тop 5 Advice To Create A Good Resume

Today, we bring you a quick guide to the world of resume writing. A resume is a tool through which an employer learns about you and your professionalism.

What is a resume?

A resume (from french Résumé) is a laconic presentation of yourself, your unique skills, achievements at previous jobs, personal qualities - everything you plan to apply at your future job to earn money.

Check here to see templates of resume:

What is an objective on a resume?

A resume's objective is to create a so-called employee positive impression (in absentia) to get to an interview (face-to-face meeting) with an employer in the future.

The task of the resume is to get it in the shortest possible time.

It will take a lot of time for someone who first started writing his resume because it is crucial to do it efficiently, according to all existing rules, having thoroughly studied the issue.

Thanks to the ability to write qualified resumes, you will never face difficulties in finding a job. So what are the rules for success when writing a resume?

What is a headline on a resume?

A headline on a resume is one sentence with a precise purpose to describe your value to the company. Just imagine that you came for an interview and have oxygen only for one sentence to introduce yourself. How would it be? Have you imagined? This is what is the headline on your resume.

The nice headline should be:
informative (guides the employer, what kind of specialist is looking for a job)
focused ("sells" a specialist with a specific set of skills, not a jack of all trades)
literate (contains no mistakes, negligence)

There are 3 essential rules for a successful resume:
> Emphasizing your merits. Don't mention your shortcomings on your resume. You may have to talk about them directly at the interview.
> Neat text formatting and structured presentation are important ingredients to make your resume a pleasant read. Your resume should not exceed 2 pages. Your task is to concisely state the primary information that you would like to communicate about yourself.
> Optimism and self-confidence. A cheerful mood attracts a successful outcome of events. You will undoubtedly get a position if you believe in yourself!

What is a resume cover letter?

A resume cover letter is a descriptive text that briefly tells your employer, in a businesslike and courteous manner, how you found out about the job and why you are looking for this position with the company.

Top 5 advice to create good resume

1. Use concrete formulation (instead of "I quickly master the material" - "I mastered the new program in record time - in two weeks")
2. Avoid verbosity and passive forms 
3. Give preference to positive information (instead of "handled complaints about .." - "helped clients with ...")
4. Concentrate on your accomplishments (instead of “worked for three years” - “got a promotion").
5. Avoid long phrases and "wise" words.

A resume is the first impression a potential job seeker makes on a future employer. Therefore, you need to draw it up as competently as possible.

For an employer to notice you, your resume must be perfect. It uses exclusively business style, without drawings and various colors. Of course, there are exceptions if the employer requires you to write about yourself in an artistic style or draw a caricature.