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How to Apply for and Land Federal Jobs? Six Important Tips

Many people often think that working in the federal government entails high ranking official job positions, and rightly so. After all, we need lawyers, veterans, and senior executives of immense talents occupying such positions.

All hires in the government demand that employees demonstrate a high level of skills, education, and experience. The good news is that there are loads of jobs in whatever profession you might be interested in. However, these positions are highly competitive. Not only that but applying for such positions can be challenging and complicated.

For instance, many people have documented their job search in the federal government lasted for about six to 18 months. But it is certainly worthwhile as jobs in the government offer a ton of benefits including healthcare, and life insurance.

To be successful in your application, there are certain measures that you need to take. For instance, check a great article by EduReviewer and use one of the best federal resume writing services in 2021 that they’ve reviewed and it will significantly increase your chances of landing federal jobs.

Here are some tips on how to apply for and land federal jobs that you should consider using when applying for federal jobs.

1. Create a USAJOBS Account

First things first, you must create a USAJobs account. Doing this is important as this website is the government's web portal for all federal jobs. Many people who got such positions got them through this website, and you should open an account if you wish to land a federal job.

A typical day on the USAJobs website includes posts of more than 10,000 position announcements.

2. Search for Jobs that you are Most Qualified

After creating your account, the next thing that you should strongly consider is searching and applying for jobs that are a good fit for your skills, languages you know and educational background.

Remember, many jobs here are competitive, and failing to apply for a position that matches your skills only reduces your chances of getting it.

3. Don’t Overlook the Keywords Used in the Post

Keywords are key when it comes to the employment application. In fact, federal hiring managers will scan your resume for keywords from a given post with the help of computer programs.

If your resume lacks such keywords, it could hurt your application. So, it would help if you were on the lookout for certain keywords from a post.

4. Tailor Your Resume to Match Qualifications and Keywords

When applying for a job, it is best to use a tailored resume. Among many other resume mistakes that people make, using one resume for multiple job applications, arguably the most detrimental.

A good tailored resume has plenty of benefits as it will match various qualified keywords and highlighted qualifications. For this reason, you should consider tailoring your resume to every federal position that you apply for. For instance, if the keywords involve estate planning, you should include the words estate planning in your document.

If this is not an option, consider employing help from the government resume writing services. There are a ton of companies claiming to be the best federal resume writing services. Consider reading online reviews to help you land at the service that suits you the most.

5. Pay Close Attention to the Resume Length

There are plenty of controversies when it comes to resume length. Some people tend to think that the greater number of pages, the better. However, this is not the case, as new studies show that hiring managers have short attention spans.

It can take the average recruiter about 30 seconds to a few minutes to go through your resume. For this reason, you should consider shortening your resume. Also, it would help if you were specific and straight to the point when writing the document.

As a rule of thumb, consider having a one-page resume if you are an entry-level candidate. However, if you are a seasoned veteran, studies show that you are more likely to be considered for employment if you have more than two pages.

Of course, all of these recommendations will depend on the position and instructions. You might be instructed to produce a resume with a specific number of pages. Be keen to follow the instructions.

Also, read the ‘how to apply’ section before starting your application. This will sensitize you to the required documents.

6. Sign Up for Daily Emails for New Federal Jobs

Federal jobs are often time-sensitive. As a result, it would be in your best interest to apply for these positions as soon as possible. You could achieve this by signing up for daily emails or alerts when new jobs are posted.

Remember, the competition is stiff, so only sign up for alerts for jobs you are qualified to increase your chances. Don’t bother with those jobs that you are not suited for.

Bottom Line

Getting a job in the federal government is challenging but not impossible. With that said, you generally need three things to increase your chances of landing that position; using a custom-tailored resume, jobs that you’re qualified for, apply at the right time, and finally patience.