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What is a Registered Company or an Incorporated Corporation?

A registered company is an organisation which is formed and registered with the appropriate statutory authority of the country as a 'company or corporation' in accordance with the corporate and securities law of that country.
what is incorporated corporation

Obvious to mention - all those companies which do not fall under the above category are called 'Unregistered Company'.

A registered company will have to follow and comply with many laws of the country and accordingly, will have to do periodical reporting to the government authority about the state of affairs of the company.

A.k.a. / Synonyms

A 'registered company' is also called an 'incorporated company' or a 'registered corporation' or an 'incorporated corporation'.

Examples of Registered Companies

Microsoft Corporation - an American tech company. Develops and sells computer software, consumer electronics, etc.

HSBC Holdings plc - a British multinational banking company, which provides various financial services.

Robert Bosch GmbH, or Bosch - a German multinational company. Deals in engineering and technology services.

Reliance Industries Limited - an Indian multinational company. Renders services in retail, telecom, textiles, petrochemicals, energy sector, etc.