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What is an Unregistered Company: Meaning and Definition


Unregistered Company is not a defined under the Companies Act 2013.


The expression Unregistered Company is explained in section 375 of the said act.
  • Who can be considered as Unregistered Company?
    • It shall include any partnership firm, limited liability partnership or society or co-operative society, association or company consisting of more than seven members.
  • Who are not considered as Unregistered Company?
    • a railway company incorporated under any Act of Parliament or other Indian law or any Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom;
    • a company registered under this Act; or
    • a company registered under any previous companies law and not being a company the registered office whereof was in Burma, Aden, Pakistan immediately before the separation of that country from India;
Winding up of Unregistered Company

The provisions for winding up of unregistered company is described in the Part II of the Chapter XXI of the companies act 2013.

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