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Airbag Injuries in a Car Accident - What Happens When a Savior Fails in its Job?

Everyone knows about the overarching complications of car accidents on victims' lives. Sometimes, one such mishap is enough to change your life. The traffic safety points out that vehicles typically come with side and front airbags, with the latter being the most common in passenger cars, SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks. This feature has been integrated into the four-wheelers to prevent severe injuries or fatalities. Unfortunately, the same safety device can also become the cause of your physical trauma in a specific accident scene, causing internal organ damage. That's why doctors and lawyers recommend car accident sufferers be careful about their health and follow the medical and legal steps.

Healthcare professionals can limit or reverse the damage caused to your body due to the forceful impact of the airbag on your chest. In contrast, lawyers can guide you to retrieve damages from the at-fault party so you can pay your bills, make up for your lost income opportunities, etc. If you live in San Diego, the personal injury attorneys San Diego will help you recoup all the expenses inflicted on you by that life-altering accident. Nevertheless, let's understand the fundamentals of airbag injuries and their legal implications.

Airbag deployment-led injuries

Even though airbags are protectors, they can become a cause for your injury due to the impact force. The airbags come into contact with your face and body, shielding them from the steering wheel and preventing the risk of nose, jaw, and eye damage. However, the force with which it opens during a collision can adversely affect your system. You can lose your eyesight temporarily or permanently. The possibility of brain injury and concussion cannot be ignored. In some cases, these can also burn the face and body because of the chemicals they contain. Forceful contact with side airbags during a crash can be the culprit behind whiplash, herniated discs, and other musculoskeletal injuries.

Legal angle in the airbag injury

Since California follows the at-fault logic, car accident victims can legally act against the negligent driver for compensation. A victim can be a passenger or a driver himself. If you claim it as a passenger from the other car's driver, there has to be enough proof that your vehicle driver was innocent. Or you can also claim damage from the driver of the vehicle you were traveling in. Nevertheless, the damage claim process involves insurance claim filing. If the concerned insurance company doesn't agree to compensate your damages, you can file a lawsuit. In some cases, victims can claim the amount from the airbag manufacturer if their product fails to function and is proven defective.

A few crucial insights

Safety gear like seatbelts is provided for car users' security. If you don't wear it and get hit by the airbag, recovering compensation can be challenging because California's law system mandates seatbelt usage.

When you drive or travel in a car, you can control your injury risks by adhering to the safety protocols. For example, use seatbelts to restrict your vulnerability to airbag injuries during a crash.

Maintain proper distance from the dashboard and steering wheel so the airbag has enough space to deploy. It will reduce the chances of harsh contact between your face or body and the safety device.