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3 Tips to Find Highly-Recommended Lawyers in Perth

Finding and choosing the right lawyer is a time-consuming yet critical process. Thankfully, if you genuinely need legal assistance, you can find several legal service providers in Perth and other places in Western Australia (WA).

There are different legal private and legal public sectors you can find. For example, apart from private lawyers or law firms and public legal services, there are pro bono assistance schemes. It all depends on the nature of your legal matter and financial situation.

3 Tips to Find Highly-Recommended Lawyers in Perth

Here are ways to find the right lawyer in Perth and other parts of WA for you:

Take Advantage of Referral Services

The Western Australian Bar Association (WABA) can assist you in finding recommended lawyers in Perth and other cities in WA. They offer referral services, connecting the public with local legal professionals. You can rest assured they know the lawyers since they also advise lawyers subject to complaints to the State Administrative Tribunal and Legal Profession Complaints Committee (LPCC). 

Another not-for-profit association that offers referral services is the Law Society. It’s a constituent body of the Law Council of Australia and the peak professional association for lawyers in Western Australia. Its referral service isn’t exclusive to its members. It’s available to all members of the profession. Besides referral services, the Law Society provides access to useful legal resources for the community. 

Disclaimer: Note that the Law Society doesn’t guarantee the work undertaken by any individual or firm listed or provided. They’re also not liable for any aspect of legal services they provide.

The Law Society’s referral service is administered by the WABA’s Vice President, who may be reached through Debbie Cole, the Executive Officer. Contact them at (08) 9220 0477 or visit them at Francis Burt Chambers.

Tap Into Organisations Offering Low- to No-Cost Services

If you’re financially struggling, many legal services, community legal centers, and non-profit or private organizations provide affordable or even free legal services in WA. Despite being cost-effective, they all offer reliable, professional help.

Here’s a list of organizations offering affordable legal services: 

Aboriginal Family Law Services - provides legal and counseling services for victims of sexual assault or family violence who are or whose partner or children are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander peoples;

Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia - similar to Aboriginal Family Law Services but has wider practice areas;

Community Legal Centres Association (WA) - a community legal center throughout WA that assists with a range of legal issues;

Legal Aid - provides access to information, such as available duty lawyers in WA, and offers legal services related to family, civil, and criminal law;

Native Titles Representative Bodies and Service Providers (NTRBs & NTSPs) - assist Aboriginal claimants, who are aboriginal in the preparation of their native title claim, provide legal representations to them, and act as mediators between them and the State Government; and 

Women’s Legal Service of WA - a not-for-profit community legal center that provides legal advice, support, and advocacy to financially disadvantaged women in WA who are victims of family and domestic violence. 

While they all aim to offer accessible legal services, each should be checked individually. They have different practice areas and eligibility criteria, which are usually dependent on Federal funding and may change on short notice.

Consider Pro Bono Schemes

If you don’t qualify for assistance from any public service provider mentioned above, consider contacting organizations and services in other territories and states in Australia. Try reaching out to the following: 

Justice Connect (New South Wales and Victoria);
Justice Net (South Australia);
Law Society Northern Territory;
National Association of Community Legal Centres; and 
Queensland Public Interest Law Clearing House Incorporated

If you’re still not qualified, consider seeking pro bono services. The term “pro bono” is a Latin expression that means “for the public good.” In the legal context, it generally means providing legal services to any community members at a significantly reduced fee or for free. 

Here’s a list of organizations offering pro bono services:

Australian Pro Bono Resource Centre - provides information on available pro bono lawyers;

Curtin Tax Clinic (CTC) - a student-run clinic that assists unrepresented Australian taxpayers in meeting their taxation affairs; and 

Law Access - a not-for-profit organization that assists individuals who need pro bono services but only if they can satisfy a means and merits test. 

Pro bono services are offered without reference to whether they can afford it or whether their assistance raises an issue of public interest. However, they only legally assist under two conditions: the people who need legal help can’t afford a private lawyer and aren’t qualified for public service assistance.

Final Thoughts

Although these organizations connect you with highly-recommended lawyers, it pays to check whether these legal professionals can practice. Their information, such as the date they got admitted as practitioners and whether they faced any disciplinary actions, is available on the Western Australian Legal Practice Board.