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3 Tips for Choosing a Lawyer Correctly

Choosing an ideal lawyer for your case is very important, and with that in mind, we have written this text with tips for choosing a lawyer correctly. In the text we list the most important points to be observed when choosing a lawyer.

It's hard to say who is the best lawyer for every case. The choice of the best lawyer must be made by analyzing the specific situation and not the general situation, that is, the question is always: how to choose the best lawyer for me!

3 Tips for Choosing a Lawyer Correctly

Selecting an attorney to represent you involves several factors. Many questions can be relevant when choosing any professional, not just lawyers. However, among the various variables available, we will analyze 3 main variables, namely: security, portfolio and demonstration and specialization.


It is not uncommon for people (and companies) to remember lawyers only in the most delicate moments, such as: the need to sue or defend themselves in litigation; consultations on controversial points; preparation of technical documents, etc.

At these times, there is often not much time left to choose a professional who can help you, given the urgency of the problem. At the same time, it is necessary to trust lawyers. Given this, how do we know which attorney is best for my needs?

The factors that contribute to client safety are:

Transparency of Lawyers in Client Service;
Good service, the lawyer being able to clearly explain to the client what is happening in his case;
Accurately analyzing the issues that the customer asks and knowing how to listen to the customer are factors that help build the necessary trust.

Portfolio and Demonstration

It is possible to analyze the website of the lawyer or law firm, their professional social networks (Facebook and LinkedIn for professionals and/or offices). And mostly Google My Business reviews and other local listings.

If you don't find information about the professional, you can also request an electronic demo by email to better understand the services offered, areas of expertise and much more.

Even so, continue to review the history, seek references from former clients of the professional, search social media or ask for instructions on how the lawyer acted during the process, his qualifications, his behavior and his general services.

Also refer to their past work to see their success rate, some cases might even be similar to yours, giving you a better reference if that attorney fits your needs.


Advocacy has several branches of activity, governed by specific legislation, and has specific forums for procedural needs. Each branch of law has its own dynamics, so it is necessary to have a professional who is constantly updated in his area of expertise. To choose a good lawyer for your case, do not hesitate to hire a professional who acts directly in the legal area to which your problem refers, a lawyer who is good in divorce cases, perhaps not efficient in cases of injury, for example.

Therefore, the first step is to define which area of law you would like to hire a lawyer for. After all, legal departments have a wide range of options, each professional specializes in a specific area and each firm focuses on a different area of expertise.

Determine the areas in which you need services and do market research, consult with top law firms and lawyers, collect recommendations from friends and family, search the internet and collect options relevant to your needs.

Choosing the attorney that is best for you should also consider the expertise of the professionals. It is always more appropriate to choose a lawyer specialized in the area, for example, to choose a lawyer specialized in labor law to represent you in labor litigation.

It is also important to consider how many professional attorneys a law firm has. Therefore, it is beneficial to employ several different specialists in one office, as it is not uncommon for a single undertaking or issue to involve multiple branches of law. Hiring a law firm does not mean it will be more expensive than hiring a lawyer yourself.