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How to make your business fleet stand out without it costing you the earth

Investing in vehicles for a business can be a costly decision, especially if you are purely looking at the new car sales market. However, it does pay to look towards the second-hand market, either in obtaining vehicles that are only a couple of years old or going full out and obtaining classic cars that will make your customer's (and any potential customers) heads spin, adding to this some vanity plates and you are well on the way to your business being the focus of attention wherever your vehicles happen to be.

Obtain personalized vanity plates

Obtaining personalized vanity plates for your business vehicles can be a great way of segregating them from the crowd, especially if you choose vanity plate numbers and letters that spell out or are associated with your business name or brand.

You may need to check if you are allowed your chosen word as some words, number combinations, or phrases are banned. You will not only have to pay a fee to register your vehicle's new vanity plate, but you will have to pay a fee each year to reregister it too.

Focus on just one make and model for all

Another way of getting your vehicles to stand out is to have them all the same make, model, and color. Now, you may think that this could be an expensive option, but if you choose to look at the second-hand market, you will probably be surprised at what you can find and for what price too, especially if you are not too worried about location.

By looking to a shipping broker for your car shipping requirements, you will find that this option is very viable indeed. With multiple businesses wanting to help you with your car delivery and happy to collect them from anywhere and deliver them to your business site, car shipping will not only save you on leg work but will also remove any hassle or stress that you may have been feeling about the car deals you have found online.

Use vehicle wraps to advertise your business

If you are thinking of going to the second-hand car market, then a good way of hiding any dodgy paintwork or scuffs or scrapes is to invest in some vehicle wraps. These will not only have your fleet of vehicles looking good and uniform but can actually be used to advertise your business wherever your cars happen to be.

Vehicle wraps do not have to be full vehicle wraps. You can get them just for your hood, tailgate, or doors if you are only wanting part of your vehicle covered. They do have a life span, but the length of this can depend heavily on the weather that they are stored in. when wraps are at the end of their lifespan, they may show signs of cracking or lifting at the corners or edges. They are easily removed and will not damage the paintwork underneath.