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New Jersey Accident and Injury Laws

When you have an accident and get injured, potentially, there are a lot of laws that apply to your situation, from the usual insurance requirements to the statute of limitations on your particular legal claims.
In order to get your claim, you must have a basic idea and understanding of New Jersey laws. This way, you will be legally eligible for the claim amount and also refrain from breaking any vital rule.

New Jersey Car Accident and Injury Laws

When it comes to New Jersey car accidents, there are some particular laws you must follow to file your claim. First, we will talk about all those basics.

You And The other Driver Must Have A Auto Insurance

Usually, “no-fault insurance” covers the auto accidents in New Jersey. It means your personal policy pays for both your vehicle damage and your injury, no matter who is actually responsible for the accident.

Still, you, along with all other drivers, must carry auto insurance and also might be held liable for injuries and damage, which is the result of the accident that is caused by you or the other drivers.

As per the New Jersey law, all auto insurance providers have to provide a basic policy that contains the minimum amount of insurance required by law. One must have the following coverage.

Property Damage Liability

A minimum of $5,000 coverage is provided here for property damage as a result of an auto accident, which you have caused.

Bodily Injury Liability

It offers a minimum of $15,000 coverage for every person and a minimum of $30,000 overall for all of the people injured in the auto accident you have caused.

PIP or Personal Injury Protection

Here also, a minimum of %15,000 coverage is offered for each person for an accident for anyone covered under your own policy.

You also can go for a higher policy coverage than the bare minimum the state has declared. Here, you do not need to carry UM/UIM or underinsured/uninsured, comprehensive, or collision coverage. As options, the basic policies will offer them as well.

Suppose you are injured in an accident, and eventually you find out that the other driver only has only a basic policy; you might need more compensation than the other insurer is providing.

Reporting Your Accident Is Also A Must

Whenever you meet with an accident, the very first thing you need to do is report the accident. In severe cases, calling 911 is enough to take the initial step of reporting the accident. Without reporting the accident, you will not be able to apply for any type of accident claim.

Whether it is for your vehicle damage or for your bodily injury claim, you must report your accident. It comes under the New Jersey Law in case there is property damage of more than $500, injury, or death.

Along with taking the easiest way of reporting by calling 911, you also need to complete a written report regarding the crash within 10 days.

In case you are severely injured and can not make a report, and if there is any other one in the vehicle at the time of the accident, the person could make the call. As a result of the accident, if you get hospitalized and incapable of making a report, someone else needs to fill out the form.

At the same time, for the written report, you can turn to a law enforcement officer.

The Personal Injury Statute Of Limitations

Every state has a limit on how long you can bring a lawsuit on the basis of your injury. It states that no one is liable for an accident for life long. At the same time, when you are injured, you are required to understand how long you need to deal with insurance.

You must try to recover the compensation before you are required to file a personal injury lawsuit. For most types of personal injury lawsuits, the statute of limitation is 2 years.

However, in case any government entity is engaged in the accident, the statute of limitation will be different and also lesser than the usual one. In case you have encountered an accident and have a significant amount of time while trying to get the claim, contacting an injury lawyer is the best you can think of.