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5 Signs You Need to Hire a Workers Comp Lawyer in New Jersey

Have you recently been hurt on the workspace or on the job?

If this is the case, you need to think a lot more than just about your recovery. After all, you need to pay some attention to getting your workers' comp claim based on the workers compensation laws for your state.

When it comes to getting work comp claims, you also need to make one of the vital decisions on whether you need a lawyer for that or not. If everything goes well, and you are able to see a clear-through for getting the worker compensation claim, you might not need a lawyer.

5 Signs You Need to Hire a Workers Comp Lawyer

If you are not having any issue with the workers' compensation, you might not need a work comp lawyer. What if you are encountering several problems? The best option you have is taking help from an experienced and skilled workers comp lawyer.

Here are some major signs when you are required to consider hiring a workers comp lawyer. This way, you will be able to ensure that you are getting what you truly deserve.

Sign 1: Your Employer Denies Your Claim

As per some recent research, most employers refuse to grant 7% of the workers’ comp claims. It does not matter how good your relationship with your employer is. You will never know when the employer is going to reject your claim.

Obviously, some legal reasons always work behind denying the claim. Here are some of the instances.
    • If you fail to report the injury.
    • In case there is no medical evidence of your claim.
    • If the statutes of limitations have passed.

Sign 2: You Have Not Heard Any News About Your Claim

Once you have done reporting your injury and filing your claim, your employer will take some time in order to review the case. On the basis of the workers’ comp law, the time duration of reviewing your claim will vary.

In case you are not hearing anything from your employer, you might be eligible for collecting the penalty as well. A lack of response might also be a major sign that you need to hire a workers’ comp lawyer for your claim.

Sign 3: The Settlement Offering Is Not Covering All Your Losses

Always remember the insurer is here in the market to run their business and make as much profit as they can. This is why they will always try to lower the compensation amount. Usually, the amount they offer will be much lower than what you actually deserve.

When the insurer presents the offer, it is up to the workers; comp judge to either accept the offer or to deny it. Typically in case, the amount is grossly unjust, the judge will end up stamping it and giving approval.

For ensuring you are getting what you actually deserve, you should hire a workers’ comp lawyer to guide you and take care of your claim throughout the entire process.

Sign 4: The Settlement Is Not Covering All Your Medical Expenses

Along with covering all of your income losses, the worker’s comp amount should also cover all your medical bills. For medical compensation, you usually have two different options. The first one is you can go with settling the right to get the payment benefits.

As the second option, you can settle for a lump sum amount that will also cover your future treatment. Either way, in case the medical settlement appears too low, you should hire a workers’ compensation lawyer without wasting any time.

Sign 5: You Are Suffering From Partial Or Total Disability

A disability can reduce your overall income by as much as 30%; this is what several research states. That is only referring to the first year. In case the condition of your disability worsens, you also might end up losing more money than that.

Due to this particular reason, most states need companies to cover total or partial disability. In case your injury is causing you any temporary or permanent disability, and you are also not getting any additional compensation for that, then you must take the assistance of a legal professional.

Hire A Workers Comp Lawyer

When you have a workers’ compensation lawyer by your side, you do not need to worry about anything. The legal professional will take care of each and every detail on your behalf. At the same time, they will also ensure that you are getting what you truly deserve.