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How A UK Immigration Lawyer Can Help Move Your Business

Every business aims to expand. Although, it can be difficult to make the move from your country to another. Not only because it's difficult to capture your target audience's attention, but because trying to move your business between borders can be quite a hassle.

However, if your business relies on international trade, it's more important than ever to make sure you’re doing everything you can for its global expansion. This is where a UK immigration lawyer might prove to be useful.

The Importance Of International Expansion

Every year, many businesses seek international expansion. Some of the reasons may include selling their products and services to new markets, accessing a new workforce, and understanding foreign cultures.

However, this could be difficult to do on your own. It is advised you hire a UK immigration lawyer who may help ensure every step is insightful for your business, as it moves between borders.

How A UK Immigration Lawyer Can Help Move Your Business

The Challenges You Might Face When Trying To Expand Internationally

If your company is currently operating in one country, expanding internationally can seem too expensive or untimely. International trade partners require a high level of trust and reliability - two things that are hard to prove when you have no experience interacting with them. Additionally, many countries might have visa restrictions or certain qualifications that would prevent your employees from instantly travelling there. Getting visas issued domestically may take weeks or even months. Therefore, it's common for companies today to need legal help moving their business abroad.

How An Immigration Lawyer Can Help You Move Your Business

If you aim to expand internationally then you're going to need a seasoned immigration lawyer to guide you through the process. You might even already have a business lawyer, but it’s important to hire someone whose specialty is immigration so that you can be guaranteed top-notch services in this field.

Here is a list of the several ways on how an immigration lawyer can help you.

1. They Know About Immigration Law And Procedure

An immigration lawyer is accustomed to dealing with complex rules, regulations, guidelines, and procedures of cases that require investigation into factual matrixes. At present, there are several policies concerning the British immigration system. You might be able to do it alone but with the possibility of misinformation or mistakes along the way.

2. They Are Experienced With The Law

Immigration lawyers have likely been working on employment issues for many years. It requires a high degree of legal expertise and detailed knowledge for such a complex area of the law. They ensure you comply with visa rules and procedures to let workers lawfully stay in the UK whenever necessary. Hence, it is advisable to consult with an Experienced team of immigration lawyers.

3. They Handle Authorities With Such Ease

Immigration solicitors are also experienced in advising employers on the best way to deal with queries from UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). For example, they may help you draft responses that accurately convey what is needed.  This is to avoid unnecessary delays or denials.

How A UK Immigration Lawyer Can Help Move Your Business

4. They Are Experts In Assurance Processes

The law requires employers to carry out document checks before employing foreign employees. An immigration lawyer can assist with this process by providing advice on how to obtain suitable proof of identity and employment history. They will also ensure your business complies with relevant policies regarding right-to-work checks.

5. They Can Help Immigrants To Get Settled

If you plan to hire immigrants or move your staff overseas along with your business, then you’ll need to get yourself an immigration lawyer. They’ll probably need to obtain official immigration status first before being eligible for employment in the UK. An immigration lawyer may help you check their eligibility as well as walk you through the process.

6. They Are Adept With The Immigration System

Also, if you are a business owner employing citizens outside of the UK, you must consider the process of their application under the points-based immigration system. Especially if they’re applying for a visa under the Skilled Worker route, there will be several qualifications to consider. These include the ability to speak English, job offers from a licensed sponsor, offers at a required skill level, and others.

This is where a UK immigration lawyer comes in to possibly assist and assess if a suitable foreign candidate can be employed in your business.

7. They Can Keep Up To Date Changes In Policy

The last thing you want when you’re trying to move your business is being given outdated advice that no longer works or applies. A UK immigration lawyer should provide you with accurate and up-to-date advice on your options. They may guide you by preparing the necessary application forms, keeping track of deadlines, and providing support throughout the process.


If you’re planning to move your business abroad, it is essential to have an immigration lawyer. They have the knowledge to assist with various immigration issues so that you can get your business settled in no time.