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CRIMORA & Criminal Harassment Law in Toronto


The phrase "CRIMORA" may have sounded familiar to you if you are a resident of Toronto and find yourself the target of criminal harassment. "CRIMORA" is an acronym for "cycle of violence, abuse and threats". This is a crime in Canada, with the Canadian courts handing down thousands of restraining orders every year. And with the recent elections in Canada there has been talk of a nationwide CRIMORA ban. So what exactly is criminal harassment in Toronto?

Simply put, "CRIMORA" is a Canadian law that has various laws pertaining to restraining orders (also known as "bans") and criminal harassment. Under this law, if a person believes they are being harassed by another individual they can apply to the court for a restraining order. The court then makes the decision as to whether or not to allow the restraining order. The applicant can be any person, including a landlord or tenant, a person in love, or even a child or teenager. In short, anyone can use this law as a weapon to get what they want when they want it.

In order to obtain a temporary restraining order, the plaintiff must prove three things to be valid.

They must show that they are in immediate and serious danger due to the acts of which they are requesting the court to take action against the alleged harasser.
They also must show that the act(s) complained of is indeed harassment and that they have been subjected to it for a period of six months or more.
If either of these elements are not met, there will not be a basis for a temporary restraining order.

As a resident of Toronto, you have certain rights regarding criminal law that can protect you from such unfortunate events. Naturally, you should always consult a criminal lawyer before trying to follow your gut instincts about someone you just don't know very well. It may be that they are telling the truth about their conduct, but if that person is dangerous, then you need someone with better instincts to protect you. This is especially true of people accused of criminal acts like assault, sexual harassment, and other criminal acts.

Role of a Criminal Harassment Lawyer

1. A Toronto criminal lawyer should be your first line of defense in dealing with criminal law in Toronto. There are a lot of different lawyers available, so make sure to choose one that specializes in criminal law in Toronto. It is important to know that not all criminal lawyers are experts in criminal law and some specialize only in one specific area of the law. Don't choose a criminal lawyer that has criminal law in Toronto as his or her area of expertise, since that lawyer probably does not have any experience in handling criminal cases.

2. In criminal law in Toronto, it is a criminal offence to publicly intimidate or harass another individual. This includes using offensive words or images through the phone, in a public place such as a workplace, in a school or college, or anywhere else. Hiring a criminal lawyer means that you will be confident with the lawyer's knowledge of the laws associated with Canada, especially the Criminal Code, which governs most activities related to Canadians' privacy. If you think that there is a chance that your harasser might be threatening you or your family, then you need to hire a criminal lawyer in Toronto.

3. If you have been harassed online and want to seek criminal harassment lawyers in Toronto, then you need to know the ways of doing your research. First of all, never ever give out your private or financial information online. You can also take precautions when you are online. When you are visiting a website, do not allow other people to have access to your information without your consent. Furthermore, when you sign in or out of a social networking site, make sure you click on the link that asks you for your security number. It is also important that you change your password every so often so that others cannot access your information.

4. Lastly, remember that it is better if you let someone know about the charges against you and the David Genis Criminal Lawyer in Toronto. If you work at an office, then you can discuss it with your boss. If you are at home, then you can inform your family members and close friends. If you know that you are going to be facing criminal charges, then you need to be prepared for it. Getting a criminal lawyer in Toronto can help you defend yourself against these types of charges.