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Can You File a Hit and Run Accident Claim Without an Attorney?

Simply by commuting from home to work, anyone on the road risks being involved in a car accident. Even though drivers know they should stop and help victims or pedestrians involved in car accidents, sadly, that does not always happen. Hit and run accidents are all too common and take place when drivers hit somebody with their car and then leave them unattended without calling the police and emergency services.

Hit and runs are a criminal act, which can be punished with fines and jail time. It is important to know that a hit and run victim lawyer is the professional who can give you the right advice if you have suffered personal injuries as the result of a hit and run accident.

Is a Car Accident Attorney Required to File A Claim?

Most hit and run accidents have the ability to be resolved in our legal system as long as injured parties bring their claims within the statute of limitations. However, suing somebody for a hit and run accident without an attorney would probably not be the best practice. There are many reasons for that:

• Attorneys are trained to handle objections from the insurance company’s attorneys. It would be hard for the average person to oppose an insurance company without having a lawyer’s knowledge and experience.
• Lawyers are more experienced in handling all the necessary paperwork for a lawsuit. When you are talking about hit and run cases, paperwork may include police reports, witnesses' affidavits, and testimony from experts.
• Having an attorney can save you money. Even though lawyers' services are expensive, hiring an attorney can save you money by eliminating the need to file a second lawsuit or wasting time in court when your case could be settled between the two parties.
• Insurance companies use their lawyers when a hit and run lawsuit is filed. Insurance companies take such cases seriously, and it would be a severe handicap for you to not have an attorney.
• Lawyers can explain to you the current state of the law where you live. Legal documents and regulations are hard to read and sometimes can be misleading for the average person. Having a false impression about the law significantly diminishes your chances to file a successful claim in a hit and run accident.

As you may understand, an attorney's involvement in such hit and run claims is typically the best course of action. Even if the law allows people to represent themselves in such lawsuits, a simple error on their side could lead to a rejection of their claim for reasons that could have been avoided.

How Can an Attorney Help You When Filing a Hit and Run Claim?

An attorney can be a life-saver when filing a hit and run claim. Whether you have been severely injured or sustained lesser damages as a result of a hit and run; your lawyer is responsible for filing a claim on your behalf.

Here are some actions a lawyer may take on your behalf to give you quick and measurable results:
• Collecting police reports and witnesses testimony. This is important and should not be overlooked because the reports and testimony could be evidence showing the driver's responsibility for the accident and their intention to leave you on the road unattended.
• Your attorney is also trained to speak and negotiate with insurance companies. If your hit and run case incurs minor personal injury and damage, it may be better to settle the case with the driver's insurance company without filing a lawsuit.
• Medical records and physician testimony of your health condition could be another source of reliable evidence in court. Your attorney can deal with hospitals and independent physicians to have a fair representation of your personal injuries and bring them to light if you file a lawsuit.
• When you are involved in a hit and run accident where there are no witnesses, it can be your word against the other driver's. A competent lawyer can find a private investigator specializing in road accidents to file a report about your incident. That would be extremely helpful in reinforcing your position in front of the jurors, if a trial is necessary. Many road accident cases leave plenty of evidence for an investigator to gather, and is useful when a lawyer presents this evidence the right way in front of the court.
• Your lawyer would also be able to reduce any liens pertaining to your claim. In case you manage to settle with the driver who was involved in the hit and run accident, your medical providers should reduce their liens, in order to benefit you. It's your lawyer's responsibility to negotiate the liens and bring them to the minimum level so that you always have a way to deal with everyday life hardships.

Claims for Hit And Run Accidents Without an Attorney are Scary

Data from civil courts around the country shows that people who decide to represent themselves in a trial, without a lawyer, do not do as well as those with representation. Even if you manage to find the driver responsible for the hit and run accident, chances are they will have an attorney to attempt to discredit your case.

It is wise to have an attorney by your side when proceeding in a legal battle; to let other people know you are serious about your claim and want to find a solution for your injuries.

As we become more anxious and stressed, our driving behavior becomes even more unpredictable. For that reason, hit and run accidents constantly increase in number, leaving victims with severe impairments that deserve to be compensated. Legal advice is the ultimate weapon for victims and can be used to make other parties liable for injuries sustained.