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A bad resume will crush your chances of getting hired - Format & Tips about resume making

A resume is a formal document which an applicant submits and employers use resumes to hire new people into their firms. This document itemizes and highlights the qualifications, achievements, skills, and other important interests of the applicant who would help the employer understand whether they fit into the role or the position offered by the company.

A good resume can increase your chances of getting a job by 80%, and in the same manner, a bad resume would crush your chances of getting hired even if you have good qualifications and relevant skills or experience.

This is why we would suggest you read some professional tips which would help you create an attractive and formal resume. If you are planning on applying for a job, we suggest you read this guide.

Formal and Professional tips about resume making!

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you create a professional resume that would be worthy of moving forward for final interviews.

Pick the right resume format!

The most important thing in resume creation is setting the format. There are three main resume formats that you should know about. These three are commonly used for job applications these days:
Reverse chronological resume: This is the most commonly used resume type that you should know about. This is a practical resume format that can easily list your expertise, qualifications, and experiences in reverse chronological order.
The functional resume format is also a commonly used one. This resume format is used by people who want to get a job based on their skills. In this format, you can easily highlight your skills.
The hybrid format is the third commonly used one. This is the combination of the other two formats that we have listed above. You can highlight both experience and skills in this format.
After selecting the resume format which suits your application, you can easily move on to the next helpful tips for resume building. Before we tell you about the tips, we would like you to know that dozens of resume builder tools can help you create a resume for free.

Tip # 1: Look for keywords in the job posting

To get your resume selected, you have to make sure that you add keywords to your resume. You have to read about the job post you are interested in and pick relevant keywords to add to the resume. Keywords are important to be added in a resume because employers tend to rely on digital and artificially enhanced systems for shortlisting applications today. Keywords would help you make your resume visible to the digital systems.

Tip # 2: Use a professional font

One of the common and the silliest errors that applicants make is that they use informal font styles in their resumes. You must not make this mistake and should always use professional font styles while creating a resume. Experts recommend that you use basic and clean font styles. These include Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman. Using these font types would make your resume stand out and would give a very professional feel.

Tip # 3: Include only the relevant information in the resume

Another common mistake that we have seen in resume building is the inclusion of irrelevant data and information. If you are adding non-helpful or uninteresting information to your resume, then it is simply going to be crushed by the hiring manager. To get your resume selected, you have to make sure that you only include the information about yourself relevant to the job post you are applying for!

Tip # 4: Use active language in the resume

Another important thing that you should know about resume building is that you should always use active language. Using active language means you have to use an active voice and should also use powerful words in it. Some common examples of power words include ‘completed,’ ‘performed,’ ‘achieved,’ and ‘accomplished.’ Also, you should never elongate sentences and make them hard to read. In a resume, you should be very clear and concise.

Tip # 5: Only include sections that you need

It doesn’t matter whether you are using a resume builder or not to create a resume. You have to make sure that you include the sections or subsections relevant to the position you are applying for and the ones in which you can add specific data/information. For instance, you should only include a resume summary or a resume objective. You cannot write both in a single resume. Also, if you don’t have work experience, then there is no need to enter this section and write about irrelevant side-jobs that you have done in the past. This would only piss the hiring manager.

Pro Tip: Use an online resume builder

The last tip in this post would be to use an online resume builder. There are many resume maker tools on the internet but the free resume builder offered by SmallSeoTools are a popular choice. This digital resume builder online can help you create a CV according to your job application or current status. This online resume maker is very easy to use, and even a beginner can learn how to make a resume without putting in much effort.

So these are some of the tips that can help you create an appealing CV.