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NOC Letter Format for GST Registration for Address Proof

While making an application for GST registration to the statutory authority, the proof of principal place of business of the applicant has to be submitted.

no objection certificate format for gst registration
In case the place of business is taken on a rented basis, then the copy of rent/ lease agreement has to be furnished. But, if there is no agreement or if the agreement has expired, then the copies of latest rent receipts along with NOC from the owner of the property is required.

Here is a template of such a No Objection Certificate from the landlord for GST registration.


(Name of the Landlord)
Mob.: ......................

The Goods and Services Department
(Location), (State)

Sub.: No Objection Certificate (NOC)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I/We, (Name of the Landlord), aged ... years, son/daughter of (Name of the Father) and (Name of the Landlord), aged ... years, son/daughter of (Name of the Father) am/are the legal owners of the premises situated at (Full Address).

I/We have given on lease the said premises to (Name of the Tenant/ GST Applicant) since (Date). (Name of the Tenant/ GST Applicant) has informed me/us that he/they is/are in the process of making an application for GST registration for his/their business and is/are desirous of using the said premises for registration as his/their principal place of business.

I/We hereby convey that I/we do not have any objection if (Name of the Tenant/ GST Applicant) gets Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration by using the said premises as his/their principal place of business.


    (signature)                         (signature)
(Name of the Landlord)    (Name of the Landlord)


  1. Nakul Sharma24 September, 2020

    Thanks a lot. The format was useful to me in applying the GST registration.

  2. was searching for this.. helpful in preparing the document

  3. is that format useful for gst practitioner registration also?

    1. Yes, it should be ok to use the same format. But, in places where GST registration is written, you can write GST practitioner registration. I think this should work. Otherwise, please consult an expert.

  4. Do 5his format helpful in case Husband owns the property and Wife wants to apply for GSTN on same property..

    1. Sambit Paramanik03 January, 2022

      Yes, you can. Please consult a GST consultant, if necessary.

  5. Anonymous31 July, 2023

    What about the tenant asking NOC from landlord for a sister company for which the landlord not have an agreement, please advise...


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