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Affidavit for Single Girl Child Only One Daughter (Format)

Under the scholarship schemes or other schemes, promoting the welfare of the young girls in the country, it may be one of the requirements to produce an affidavit with declarations by the parent(s) of the girl child to confirm that she is the only child in their family.

affidavit format for single girl child
You can check the website of the respective educational institutions, where you will probably find the format of affidavit to be submitted for this purpose.

Otherwise you can use the following template of the affidavit for a single girl child. Fill in the necessary details as required.



I, (Name of the Father/Mother), aged .... years, an Indian Inhabitant, having occupation of ................, presently residing at (Address), do hereby solemnly affirm and declare in favour of (Name of the Institution, which is located at .............................., as under:

1. That I am the father/mother of Miss (Name of the Girl), who was born on (Date of Birth) at (Location);

2. That Miss (Name of the Girl) is my only daughter and that I have no other child except her;

3. That Miss (Name of the Girl) is the only girl child in my family and that she does not have any male or female siblings;

4. That I understand that it shall be my sole responsibility to inform you about any change in status of single girl child in my family immediately, if and when it occurs;

5. That I am aware that in case it is detected at any time in the future that the affidavit sworn by me is false, appropriate action will be taken by (Name of the Institution) against me.

(Name of the father/mother)


I, (Name of the Father/Mother), age ... years, son/ daughter/ husband of (Name) do hereby solemnly affirm that the statements made in the above affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and that nothing material has been concealed therefrom.

Solemnly declared and affirmed at ................. on this day of (Month), 20xx.

(Name of the father/mother)

Name, Address & Signature
of the Witness

Before the Notary Public / Magistrate