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Affidavit format for Hindi Linguistic Minority community student

In some of the educational institutions, there is a reservation of few seats for candidates who belong to the Hindi Linguistic Minority community.

affidavit for hindi linguistic minority
People in the Hindi Linguistic Minority community are the people who were born in the State where Hindi is the official language.

Therefore, to be eligible for this kind of quota, the students have to declare under oath in an affidavit that they and their parents were born in the State where Hindi is the official language and their mother tongue is Hindi.

Additionally, they will submit such proofs to this effect as asked by the educational institution.

Here is a template of such an affidavit by a student belonging to Hindi Linguistic Minority community.



I, Mr. / Ms. (Name of the Candidate), aged ... years, son/daughter of (Father's Name), an Indian Inhabitant, presently residing at (Current Full Address), having permanent residence at (Native Place Permanent Address) do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:

1. That I was born on (Date of Birth) at (Place of Birth);

2. That I confirm and declare that I belong to the Hindi Linguistic Minority by birth and caste.

3. That my mother was born in the State of .............. and my father was born in the State of .............., where Hindi is one of the official languages and that my parents belong to the Hindi Linguistic Minority community by birth and caste.

4. That I confirm and declare that my mother tongue is Hindi.

5. That I confirm that I am domicile of .................

6. That I am making this affidavit in order to produce it before the concerned authorities to enable me to get admission in (Name of the Educational Institution, Place) under Hindi Linguistic Minority quota.

7. That I am submitting the following documents as proof for my eligibility for Hindi Linguistic Minority quota, (i) Affidavit on stamp paper; (ii) Certificate issued by Principal/Headmaster of Junior College/Higher School for Mother Language; (iii) Paternal educational proof of Hindi language.

8. That I confirm that the statements made herein-above are true to the best of my knowledge and and belief and nothing has been concealed therefrom and that if any information found to be false, I shall be liable for cancellation of my admission along with penal action to be taken as per the applicable laws of the country.

Solemnly affirmed at (Place) on this day of (Month), 20xx.

Identified by Me
Before Me
(Advocate High Court)
(Notary Public / Magistrate)