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Why Lassitude being the Attitude of Corporate Employees?

We could find corporate industries on all whistle stops and bus stops nowadays and so with the rapid increase of crime cases. Everyday we hear news about corporate murders and suicides due to work pressure. The more to consider is the unemployment seen in millions graduates and post graduates when lot of vacancies remains unfilled in various Government sectors.

Most of the youngsters are aware IBPS exam but not of UIDAI exam. As youngsters are oblivious to the opportunities, they just want to get into corporate and struggle to fit in over there for life time. Corporate employees run across too many hurdles during their tenure inside the most sophisticated corporate walls.


As a matter of course, an employee identified with potential is bombarded with excessive work and exorbitant targets. The employee put his best efforts to meet the targets and gradually gets succumbed by the pressure. Over time, the potential turns into indifference, fatigue, stress and anxiety. The authorities just look into their profit and fail to identify and manage workloads given to an employee. If one employee fails they turn to the other and the rest is history.

Health at risk:

Most of the employees suffer from various health factors due to working overtime and untimely. The office becomes their world and the PC becomes their personal companion. They don't take up any physical exercises due to lack of time and they eventually suffer from obesity, migraines, pressure, heart diseases, sleeplessness etc. 


Unfair Pay-equity is a well known factor prevailing in most corporate sectors. Some corporates try to sip up the best they can from the employee with very less pay. Many employees have the grievance that they are not paid according to the work they do. The other thing seen in companies are freshers getting very good pay compared to the employees who stood by the company for years. This develops dissatisfaction among the employees. Employees are very unhappy when they are recognised for the efforts and outcomes they bring for the company and if they don't get a proper merit based pay.


Industries run only for and by the profit. So industries terminate anyone anytime without even a notice when they are not happy about the employee's service. Sudden Lay-offs and At-will employment policy in corporate industries created insecurity and fear in the minds of employees. They aren't sure of their tomorrows. The employees always stress themselves with so many issues around them and they have to run after secured mode of savings and plans to face in case of any layoffs.

Work-place Issues:

Bullying, Gossiping, harassment, discrimination are other major factors faced by an employee which affects them physically and mentally. Some corporates fail to give a safe environment to the employees and they have to undergo a lot of turmoil.  Lack of communication with the employers, lack of training, lack of skills are other factors affecting an employee.


Today the most dynamic and power stones of India are misled to a mindset that corporate jobs are that which gives them the handsome salary and respect in society. Well, it's high time they understand and come out of ambiguity and see the enormous opportunities. With a mere 12th pass and a little preparation enables one to clear UIDAI exam which gives a proper job with good pay. The choices have the power to regulate the attitude. Either you get into the attitude of lassitude or you jump into latitudes and altitudes chasing your dreams.


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