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Tired of searching relative Font? Just create your own

Are you tired of scrolling across hundreds and hundreds of pages with thousands of thousands of different fonts, and finding nothing that captures exactly the feel you want for your project? Sometimes, your project is something so special, so personal, so intimately tied to you that a regular font that was invented by someone else won't cut it. You need something original, new, groundbreaking yours. But is it even possible to create a font with your own handwriting? How will it look, how will it translate into a screen? Is it possible to do it for free?

Before you run off too scared by the challenge to download handwriting fonts created by someone else (and therefore not as special, fret not: in this article we are about to explain to you how to create a font with your own handwriting for free and with almost no effort involved. The first thing that you need is to gather some materials: the basics that you will need to create your own Font are a pen, preferably a dark marker with a felt tip that's not too big or too small, and several special sheets used to create your new Font: they look something like this.

YourFonts is an online font generator that turns your handwriting into a font that you can use

After that, go as wild as you want: do you want a ruler and a protractor to make pitch-perfect curves and lines? Neato! Want to let your imagination go wild and do it freestyle? Good too! Want to replicate your normal, regular handwriting? Cool! This is your Font so it should be done your way.

Once you have gathered all the materials, here comes the awkward part. If you were wondering why exactly we needed several sheets, it's because you are going to practice. Just like in kindergarten, sit down, focus and practice your handwriting in the sheets as much as you can so it comes out as perfect as possible (because once uploaded, the defects will be much more visible). Practice and practice until you have something you are really proud of and ready to show to the world.

words to practice your handwriting

Time to do it for real. Get a clean special sheet and draw the letterforms you have already practiced. Don't rush it, be patient and careful: you don't want to mess up a letter and have to start again, or to upload the Font just to find out there were some errors.

After you have the perfect, beautiful Font that you have created completely written down on paper, it is time to upload it. You will have to find a site that allows you to upload the templates, but don't worry as a lot of sites do this for free. Scan your template and if possible, use a program like PhotoShop to clean up the image: make it black and white, make the contrasts between the colors higher to ensure the computer can read it easily and has no problems converting it into a digital font. If it has been uploaded correctly, it is time for our last step!

You need to upload your Font now, but don't worry, it is quite simple. In most newer systems, it just involves clicking on the file with the Font you have just created, and then click "install font." However, this process depends on if you are using a Windows or a Mac and what kind of model you are using, so if you have trouble go to your favorite search engine and search "how to install a font" and the system you are using and they will give you easy instructions to follow.

And there you have it, your new beautiful, unique Font to go wild with! Use it to create the logo of your enterprise, use it to pretend your blog is a handwritten diary, give it to the public for free or even sell it! The sky's the limit. We hope we have taught you something new about fonts and font creation, and we hope you have enjoyed this article. And, hey, if your Font didn't come out exactly as you intended (it happens) do not worry: you can always head to to download handwriting fonts easily and for free!