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Seven Requirements for Hiring a Good Lawyer

Many people may wonder if a lawyer who has graduated from law school, passed the bar exam and is licensed to practice law is a good lawyer. A new attorney is not ready to represent clients on their own. There is no substitute for experience. There are certain things people need to consider when trying to hire a good lawyer.

1. Reputation
If a lawyer has a reputation for losing in court and too many unsatisfied clients, their education and law license won't be enough to consider them. Good attorneys can combine experience with success in pre-litigation issues and more. A history of success with a bench and jury trial at state and federal levels is important. A lawyer with a reputation for providing effective and aggressive representation is a lawyer worth considering.

2. Experienced
A lawyer can have too much experience. It's important for people who want to hire an attorney understand a law firm is a business. It is like other businesses because getting positive referrals is key to building a client base. When an attorney is at the end of their career, they may not be as motivated as attorneys who have not been practicing law for as long as them. They could be more focused on their retirement than on building a law firm. An aggressive attorney in the midst of building their practice should be looked at closely.

3. Excited About Case
When a person sits down with an attorney and discusses their case, they should see some enthusiasm about it. The most successful attorneys love being lawyers. They have a true passion for practicing law. These are people who are not in it for the money. An attorney who has experience working in the general subject matter of a person's case is someone who will be truly interested in working on it.

4. Online Reviews
The internet makes it possible to learn about what previous clients have to say about an attorney. When considering an attorney, it is important not to depend on just hand-picked posted reviews. Many websites provide a rating for an attorney and include good and bad comments about them. A few negative comments are to be expected. If there are too many bad comments, it may be cause for concern. Most good lawyers have many good comments.

5. Current On The Law
It is important to know if an attorney works to stay current on the law. The legal world is always changing. Should an attorney not be current on the law, they could become less effective at handling a case or maybe ineffective. A good lawyer will realize how the law changes and their knowledge base needs to be regularly replenished. They will make an effort to attend seminars on a local and national level. This will make it possible for them to review the most current cases and speak with other attorneys about emerging legal strategies and more. An attorney who constantly exceeds the mandated level of continuing legal education will be current in the law and can provide the best possible representation.

6. Availability
It is important to know if an attorney will be readily available. When a lawyer is usually not available or difficult to reach, they make clients feel they're wasting the money they are paying for legal services. Some attorneys are known for being extremely difficult to reach. A person's case is very important to them. It is possible for emergency situations to occur that may require immediate legal assistance. A good attorney will understand how this is important. They will make themselves available to their clients at all hours of the day and night. It is essential that a person not hire an attorney until they know their case will be a priority. They should respond to all calls and emails. Having an unavailable attorney is the same as not having an attorney.

7. Qualified Support Team
The most effective attorneys have highly qualified support staff working for them. This includes investigators, experts and more. A good lawyer may not do a good job unless he has the staff that can do important administrative work, conduct a proper investigation and do other essential things. Having access to the right experts can make a huge difference in the type of representation he can provide. A good attorney will surround themselves with a highly skilled and effective team.

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