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Questions To Ask When Hiring Day Laborers

Day laborers are workers that are employed on a temporary or day-to-day basis. They usually work in construction, landscaping, light manufacturing, and other similar jobs.

Hiring day laborers is ideal for businesses or homeowners who are looking for extra help to do some miscellaneous work. You get to save a lot of money when you hire day laborers instead of hiring a company or a traditional employee.

It’s not that hard to find day laborers. Most of them can be found on day labor centers – check it here at ShiftPixy.

The question you should be asking is how to hire day laborers.

In this article, we’ll give you a list of important questions that you should be asking day laborers if you’re looking to hire one for your business or for a home improvement project.

1. What’s The Going Rate?

This is one of the first questions that you should be asking day laborers. The minimum rate for regular day laborers is $15/hr working for 4 hours. Most day laborers will rely on you to transport them to and from the job. If you don’t provide transportation for them, you’ll be paying an extra $2/hour at a minimum.

For an all-day laborer, full payment is expected to be given. Most day laborers prefer to be paid in cash, but they’re also willing to accept company checks. Day laborers also accept further compensation in the form of tips, but this is not required.

It’s also important to remember that day laborers are covered by labor laws, so if you violate your arrangement with them you could face some serious legal issues.

2. What Experiences or Certifications Do They Have For The Job?

Many day laborers are qualified and certified to operate construction equipment, heavy machinery, and other tools. It’s highly probable that the day laborers you’re going to hire will have certificates. But just to be sure, ask the day laborers if they can show you some certificates or qualifications for the job.

Asking for qualification is extremely important especially if there are a few tools or equipment that require additional training, experience, and certification. This question will also give you an insight into the experience of the day laborer or what kind of job is he qualified to do.

3. How Would They Deal With The Problems That May Arise on the Job?

Whether you like it or not, problems on the job will arise. This is especially true if you’re constructing a new project. By asking this question, you’ll be able to figure out how the day laborers will deal with these problems. Ask your day laborers about past problems they’ve encountered from their previous jobs and how were they able to handle them.

Day laborers know that all jobs always have problems or issues. This question will give you the ability to gauge your day laborer’s problem-solving capabilities. It will also test their adaptability as well as their critical and analytical thinking.

4. Would You Be Able To Work Both Indoors and Outdoors?

The day laborers you’re going to hire should have no problem working indoors or outdoors. They even understand if they work in poor conditions outside because they know it’s just the reality of their jobs.

This question will test the day laborer’s ability to deal with poor working conditions, especially if they’re working outdoors. If you are looking to hire them more than once, you can also use this question to gauge how well they might fit in with your business.

5. Do You Have A Keen Eye For Detail?

If you’re looking to hire some day laborers for a landscaping job, for example, you must make sure that the ones you’re hiring have a keen eye for detail.

We all know that landscaping jobs require attention to detail to make sure that the landscape compliments with your property. A keen eye for detail allows day laborers to choose a landscape design that compliments your property.

The same goes for construction projects as well. Anything can happen in the construction area. Attention to even the smallest detail is crucial. Any small problem can lead to costly mistakes that have to be redone later.


The best thing about hiring day laborers is that you get to save a lot of money and have the job done quickly. With the help of these questions, you should be able to hire the best day laborers for your business or home improvement project. These questions will also help you avoid hiring people who are unskilled and untrained for the job.