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10 Tips for a Successful US Visa Interview

If you want to visit the USA, then you have to apply for ESTA. But there are certain conditions related to it. ESTA is (Electronic System for Traveling Association) a computerized system that measures the eligibility of citizens who want to visit the US under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). VWP allows the natives of other countries to enter the US for business purposes or tourism. They can visit the state for ninety days or less than that. Travelers must have a certified ESTA before planning their visit to the US.

Who needs ESTA? If you are a resident of a country with a VWP, and you are traveling by land to the US, then you don't require ESTA. But, if you are going to the US by sea or air, then you have to apply for ESTA. However, if you are a resident of a country without VWP, then you must have a visa, so ESTA is not needed. You can fill ESTA application form online. Following is a brief list of essential requirements necessary for ESTA:

You should have a passport from a VWP country.
Your travel plans should be ninety days or less than that.
You should have a certified credit card.
Your application should have your contact details.

It depends, your application can be immediately accepted, or it can take up to seventy-two hours for its acceptance. ESTA application requires your biographic details so that it can answer the VWP eligibility queries. The applications can be submitted at any time before traveling but it is recommended that they are submitted before buying the airline tickets or planning for departure. Once, you have a valid ESTA under VWP or you have a visa then you can enter the US easily.

Visa cannot be acquired that easily you have to go through an interview so that your visa gets accepted. Following is a list of ten tips that can help you to go through the interview well:

Show the officer that you are a non-immigrant
According to the law in the US, all the candidates having the non-immigrant visa will be considered immigrant until they persuade their consular head that they are not immigrants. Hence, you ought to have strong reasons for returning to your country rather than the ones for living within the USA.

Practice English
Imagine that the interview will be held in the English language, not in your mother language. So it is recommended that you practice by having conversations with the people who speak English.

Be confident during your interview
The consular officer is going to interview you, so it will give a bad impression if are not able to speak for yourself. Do not bring your parents or friends to the interview. You are going for your visa acceptance, not them. But, if you are applying as a student then your parents may be required to answer questions for instance about the fee.

Search about the program and see how it fits your profession
Whatever program you choose, for example, as a student, you need to search for it properly so that you can explain to the consular that how the program is beneficial for your study and profession.

Have a brief conversation
Since there are so many visa applications, so the consular officers try to take an efficient and quick interview with every candidate. As time is short and they have to make a smart decision, you should answer their questions briefly and to the point. Try to make your first impression a good one.

Carry valid documents
You will have only two to three minutes interview with the consular officer, therefore, carry documents that have precise information about you. The lengthy explanation will have a negative impression on the officer.

Every country has a different status
Students that have lived as immigrants in the US and the ones that belong to the countries suffering from economic problems will have fewer chances of getting a visa. The students who have studied in the US will have a good chance of getting job opportunities at home.

Be smart
Consular officers are quite sharp. They know their job very well. Therefore, they can easily figure out the true intentions of a candidate quickly. They also speak different languages. You have to play smart and answer their questions carefully. Don't make mistakes as it can damage your impression, look into the eye of the officer, and explain logically.

Be punctual and wear proper clothes
Arrive at the allocated time of the interview. Wear formal clothes, since the interviewer would be an American, try not to overdress yourself. Show respect while you speak.

Trust yourself
Have confidence when you are interacting with the consular officer. Try to prove your point without getting into an argument. Smile and don't show your nervousness. Answer the questions accurately with a clear and loud voice. Don't ask unnecessary questions, be polite and honest throughout the interview.