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How Can Your Business Survive A Lawsuit

Whether it’s large or small, every company may face business litigation. While it remains a frightening experience for business owners, it’s essential to conduct thorough planning and preparation to ensure your survival in a lawsuit. If you’re looking to overcome the stresses of litigation and come out stronger after, read on this article to learn more on how your business can survive a lawsuit.

1.    Hire a competent business lawyer.

If you’re running a business, it’s a good idea to get a competent lawyer who can protect your company from lawsuits. In the event someone sues your company, don’t do anything unless you have a lawyer on your side. Your attorney, for instance, can handle the complexities of all business legal matters, which is why you need to find a trusted one. To make sure you hire the right business lawyer for your company, here’s what you need to consider to get started:

Ask for referrals – Call someone you know or even a business owner like you in the area and ask if they can recommend a business lawyer who has valuable experience in handling legal disputes.

Look for online reviews – Most lawyers nowadays run their own websites to demonstrate their personal information, skills, and legal services. With the help of an SEO company like Serpco, they’re able to reach out to a wide array of clients who give their positive reviews based on their experience. Thus, read these reviews to determine whether the lawyer is reliable or not.

Prepare questions – Before hiring a lawyer, you need to scrutinize whether they can meet your company’s needs. Create a list of questions that tackle their years of experience, specialization, manner of payment, availability, and communication with the clients.

2.    Stay calm.

The entire lawsuit period can be traumatizing. However, you need to remain calm throughout the process in order to survive the stress brought about by the litigation itself. At this stage, let your lawyer take care of everything and just ask them to update you with the progress of the case. Also, don’t make a move on your own without consulting your counsel. For instance, refrain from directly communicating with the other party without the assistance of your lawyer. Remember, the other party may use anything you do against you. 

3.    Get to know how lawsuits work.

As a business owner, you may not know how lawsuits exactly work. Although you take the necessary precautions to avoid litigations, your company may still face legal issues. And to make sure you’re ready the moment you receive the lawsuit paper, learn how business lawsuits work or read some legal principles in American Association of Firearms Advocacy. Doing so will give an idea about the next steps you need to take to protect your company’s interests. Below are the steps you’ll have to go through when your business is sued:

An attempt to settle out of court – It’s a less costly procedure than pursuing a trial. Instead of spending an enormous amount of money paying for attorney’s fees and other legal costs, try to settle your disagreement with the other party and come up with an amicable settlement.

Filing of a lawsuit – At this stage, one of the parties files a complaint against the opposing party with the help of an attorney. The complaint will contain a description of the facts involved, the names of the parties, the law violated, and the reliefs sought by the complainant.

Discovery – It’s a process of collecting all pieces of evidence and information necessary for the resolution of the case. Here, witnesses and essential documents may be admitted in court to take part in the process. During this stage, keep all your records intact so you can present them in court when needed. For example, if your previous employee has filed a lawsuit against you, make sure the employee’s personnel file and other relevant documents will be easy to retrieve.

Trial – At this stage, both parties are given the opportunity to be heard, and the lawyers will cross-examine all the witnesses. Then, the judge based on the evidence presented will try and decide the case.

4.    Try to be frugal as much as possible.

Your survival in a business lawsuit also depends on how you manage your finances. After all, facing litigation is costly, and you need to have a sound financial plan to make sure your business will come up stronger despite the financial obligations that may come your way. And to do that, you should have a considerable cash reserve and cut down unnecessary business costs.


Whether you like it or not, business lawsuits have become a regular part of your company’s life. Following these tips, you and your lawyer won’t only take care of the litigation in an efficient manner, but you’ll also be able to survive it without breaking your business’ reputation. And once your lawsuit is done, move forward and start rebuilding your brand again.