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Abbreviations in Gazette Notifications like G.S.R., S.R.O, S.O.

Different ministries, departments and statutory bodies use different abbreviations in the notifications published in the Gazette of India, the most common ones used are as follows:

G.S.R. - General Statutory Rules

S.R.O. - Statutory Rules and Orders

S.O. - Statutory Orders

General Statutory Rules (Including Orders, Bye-laws etc. of a general character) issued by the Ministries of the Government of India (other than the Ministry of Defence) and by the Central Authorities (other than the Administrations of Union Territory).

Mostly you will notice - the notification number is mentioned at the left side below the title at the beginning part, followed by the full text of the notification. But in case of notification to promulgate a General Statutory Rules or Statutory Orders, only the words G.S.R. or S.O. are written and the space for number is left blank or indicated with an underscore __. This is then filled in by the Press of Govt of India before publication in the gazette.

Some other short forms used are:

App. - Appendix
Edn. - Edition
dt. - Date
E or Ext. - Extraordinary Gazette
Expln. - Explanation
F.No. - File Number
Gaz. - Gazette
Gaz. Ext. - Gazette Extraordinary
Pt. - Part
w.e.f. - with effect from
Sch. - Schedule


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