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4 Upcoming Global Trends in Human Resource Management

Regardless of what a company does and what skills and knowledge it seeks out, there is a growing need to improve HR practices. In this article, we are going to present a list of TOP 4 global trends in human resource management.

1. Personalization of approaches to employees’ management

In upcoming years, an attitude toward employees in most companies will acquire a human dimension. Reflections on large data will give the opposite effect: each employee will become not just a part of a group, an abstract "target audience" but a bearer of unique properties. The role of the HR department is changing and facing a challenge to meet individual needs.

CEOs start closely monitoring an employee development within a company: appears a need for individual bonus packages for each employee, for implementing ideas that are "overheard" in a team, rather than copied from the experience from other organizations. There is a growing interest in well-being programs for employees who must help keep the balance of work and personal life and increase productivity, involvement and job satisfaction.

We are positive that in upcoming years, companies must offer more services that are going to help automate care of a company toward its specialists, including social packages and bonuses for managers. The appearance of original marketplaces for social packages will help companies diversify a remuneration of employees, and specialists will be able to use them more easily.

Another similar trend is an attitude of employees to their careers. The boom of career coaching, counseling and psychotherapy will enable a conscious approach to professional development.

2. A new trend of corporate training development

Capacity development is inextricably linked with learning. An emergence of new training programs within companies confirms this trend: organizations come up with their own methods, create convenient systems inside or customize market solutions. Micro-education, knowledge management, mentoring and mentoring, capacity assessment - these are trends that will find wide application in near HR future.

Open libraries available 24/7 packed with educational materials will become popular. What this means for employees: less training “just to check the box”, on one hand, and more responsibility for one's own development, on the other. What this gives employers: motivated and talented employees will acquire new skills even faster and grow professionally. This means that every employee will have some basic knowledge about many things at once. So even if they have to write an essay, they will be able to do it. If not, well, they can always purchase custom college essays online.

According to trending news, online communication at the expense of instant messengers and chatbots is expected to develop rapidly. The first to trail this path will be employers from the retail and production sector where many employees simply do not have any devices other than smartphones. Training will be delivered to the place where an employee communication is located, at the moment when it is needed, in a concise and maximum practical form.

Training will cease to be strictly job-related: to traditional welcome courses for beginners, lectures on time management and other general disciplines will be added. The desire of employees to share their knowledge will be very much appreciated.

3. Growth in the number of technological solutions for HR

In the future, HR will fully use technological solutions in almost any direction of corporate life without being practically limited to recruitment solutions.

The use of modern HR technologies will allow innovative companies to increase their gap from competitors who use obsolete and less effective tools.

4. Approbation of artificial intelligence

To create artificial intelligence, you need data. In the future, data lakes are going to be an integral part of all companies. At the moment, however, revolutionary steps in this direction have not yet been made in the HR domain.

We are sure that in the upcoming years, it is worth waiting for new interesting solutions based on Big Data: popular areas of interest for HR include various chatbots and voice bots, which for the time being are actually scenario questionnaires. Nevertheless, in the future, we believe that elements of artificial intelligence can appear in those.