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'P' Segment Customers/ Debit Card & AGL Segment Customers

P Segment Customers means the segment of customers of a bank who are individuals. Here, 'P' stands for 'Personal'. P Segment is personal banking segment or division of a bank.

P Segment Customers are generally given option to open any one of the following two types of savings bank account i.e. either (i) bank account with a cheque book facility; or (ii) ordinary bank account.

A bank account with a checking or cheque book facility generally requires the customers to maintain a certain level of minimum balance in their accounts, failing of which, charges are levied. Whereas an ordinary bank account does not require any minimum balance restrictions.

Now-a-days, bankers are providing net banking facility and many other additional facilities in addition to cheque facility for ease in making payments / transferring money / making deposits, etc.

P Segment Cash Deposit is a deposit of money, by an individual bank account holder, made to his account at any of the branches of the bank or through ATMs. The deposits can also be made by other parties to account of the holder.

P Segment Debit Cards are debit cards issued to the individual account holders (not the corporate account holders) of a bank. These debit cards are used to withdraw money at bank ATMs and also for making payment for shopping purposes.

AGL Segment Customers means the segment of customers of a bank who are offered agricultural loan or agri gold loan.