How to Change/Correct Shareholder's Name in Share Certificate

Generally, when a person changes his name - the first step would be to apply for publication of the new name in the official Gazette of the State where he is applying (that is known as Gazette notification) and/or by way of executing an Affidavit before a public notary.

The reason behind the change is mostly post marriage or due to astrological reason and numerology.

Once the gazette notification or affidavit is done, then generally the person would apply for name change in PAN card, Passport, Aadhar, Driving License, Property registrations, etc.

The person should also get his new name updated in the records of all the companies where he holds shares or any other kind of instruments viz. fixed deposit, bond, etc.

Procedure for Change of Name on Share Certificate (in case of shares in physical form)

The shareholder will have to make an application to the company along with necessary documents in this regard.

1. Prepare a letter addressing the company or its Registrar and Share Transfer Agent (RTA) mentioning the reason of your name change and clear details of your old and new name;

Here's a good format of such request letter for change of name in share certificate - check here.

2. Do enclose the attested copies proofs of name change i.e Gazette notification, Affidavit, PAN card, etc.

3. Also enclose the original share certificate along with the letter. Do ensure the correct address of the company where you are sending all documents.

4. Sign the letter and send it to the company or its RTA. Self attest on all the pages and wherever necessary get the proofs and documents attested by a public notary or executive magistrate.

5. Do keep safely the despatch proof of the letter viz. speed post receipt, courier acknowledgement, etc.

6. Follow up with the company after 1 or 2 weeks about the status of your request letter.

7. If any queries raised by the company - do provide them with required information and documents as asked for at the earliest.

Procedure for Change of Name on Share Certificate (in case of shares in demat form)

1. Visit the office of your Depository Participant i.e. the organisation where you have opened and maintaining the demat account. Or check their website to find the form of application for change of name in demat account.

2. Submit necessary application along with documentary proofs.

3. Enquire with them about the status of your application after a couple of weeks of submission of documents.