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Procedure for Change of Address of Shareholder Member

SHAREHOLDERS HOLDING SHARES IN PHYSICAL FORM: A shareholder, who is desirous of changing /updating his/her new address in the records of the company, where he/she holds share(s), will have to make an application to the company along with the required documents.

Follow the below steps to get the new address updated:-

1. Prepare a letter addressing to the company or the RTA of the Company mentioning the reason of your address change. Do mention the full postal details of your new address.

Here's a good format of letter to company requesting change of address - available here.

In case of joint holding - the first shareholder can sign the letter and documents.

2. Enclose attested copies of proofs of address change i.e Passport, Ration Card, Telephone Bill, Electricity Bill, Rent Agreement, etc. Any one or two of these documents will serve the purpose.

3. You can also enclose a photocopy of the share certificate(s) along with the letter. This will help in verification purpose. Though it is not a mandatory thing.

4. Sign the letter and send it to the company or its Registrar and Share Transfer Agent (RTA). Do sign on all the documents. And, wherever necessary, get the proofs/documents attested by a public notary or executive magistrate.

5. Do keep safely the despatch proof of the letter (viz. speed post receipt, courier acknowledgement etc) for any future references.

7. Follow up with the Company after 7-15 days about the status of your request letter for updation.
8. If any queries raised by the company - do revert to them with required information and document(s) as may be necessary at the earliest.

The company or the RTA may ask for additional document(s) for signature verification i.e. signature attestation from your banker.

how to change address in share certificates


A shareholder, who is holding shares in demat and wants to update his/her new address in the records of the company, will have to make an application to the Depository Participant by submitting necessary form.

Contact your Depository Participant, where you have a demat account, to get the format of the form to change request.


  1. Ritvik Shah29 July, 2018

    Thanks for the guidance in this matter. Helpful.

  2. priti majumdar08 August, 2021

    thank you i was able to change my address

  3. Thanks now I understand what to Do for address change.

  4. A pathetic situation while applying for shares they won't ask all these where as when he request for a change of address, a gas service number, bank account number and Athaar card will be sufficient, what for the RTA are asking so many evidences. If that is the case How Karvy done manipulation of the unit.


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