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What is a Marketing Oriented Company? Examples


The ultimate objective and focus of a Marketing-Oriented Company is 'Customer Satisfaction'.


A company which focuses more on its marketing and research activities to find out what its customers want in order to serve them better is called a "Marketing-Oriented Company".


Some of the vital characteristics of these companies are:

• Customers' desires, wants, requirements, feedback, etc are the basis for product development and improvisations;
• Innovations & creativity are the driving factors in these developments;
• Striving to improvise customer experiences continuously;
• Formalizing strategies through delivering highest customer value for long term profitability rather than short term;
• Time to time customers survey through online, digital, social media, print, etc channels;
• Marketing campaigns to keep the customer updated on the latest releases, offers, etc and keeping the excitement on.


Marketing-Oriented Company is generally abbreviated as MOC.


• Marketing Centered Company
• Market Oriented Company
• Customer / Client Oriented Company
• Customer Focused Company


• Competitor Centered Company
• Product Focused Company
• Operation Focused Company


Why should a company become a Marketing oriented company after all?

As we are all very well aware of how competitive the market is becoming with the growing size of number of businesses and the variety of options these companies put before the customers for the same set of products or services, hence it is very important for a company to not only gain new customers but also it is pertinent to retain its existing customers by providing greater satisfaction on the company's products or services.

As long as a customer is satisfied with its desired level of expectation from the company's products or services, the customer will continue to purchase/avail the products or services of that company, hence the turnover level will grow significantly.


Some of the popular marketing oriented companies around the globe are:

Apple, Google, Nike, McDonalds, Audi, Coca Cola, Facebook, Starbucks and Samsung.


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