What is the meaning of "Encl A/a" "Encl:" in a Letter? Full Form

Many a times, you must have noticed the abbreviation "Encl: A/a" mentioned at the very bottom part of a letter.

What does it mean?

"Encl: A/a" is the short form for "Enclosure As Above" or "Enclosed As Above".

Why is it mentioned?

It is generally mentioned to indicate that there certain are documents or things enclosed or attached along with the letter as mentioned in the body/description part of the letter.

It serves a good purpose as a reminder and helps in not-missing-out on important enclosures.


Some people instead of writing "Encl: A/a" prefer to write just "Encl:" and list out the details of the documents attached in short.


In the letter, you have mentioned that - "I am enclosing herewith the duly filled in application form along with a copy of my passport self attested by me."

So, at the end of the letter you can mention - "Encl: A/a".

Or else, you can write it as:-

1) Application form
2) Passport copy