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How to Register Associate Update Rolecheck DSC in MCA site?

Role Check / Registering Digital Signature MCA

What is Role Check?

It is a functionality available in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) portal which allows Director, Manager, Secretary of any Company as designated under the Companies Act and Practicing Professionals like CA, CS & CWA and some Authorised Representative to register their Digital Signature with MCA.

Why to do Role Check?

Role check or registering the digital signature certificate with MCA enables the Indian Companies to sign the forms, which are required to be filed (through online MCA platform) as an application to the respective Registrar of Companies(ROC) / Central Govt. in relation to various requirements under Indian Corporate Laws.

An authorised person who is having a DSC, but who has not registered it with MCA, even though he will be able to sign the e-forms but will not be able to submit the same in MCA while uploading.

What is the importance of Rolecheck?

Through Role check functionality MCA verifies the credentials of the person(s) who are going to sign the eforms on behalf of the company and of the practising professional who will certify those eforms.

Requirements before going for Role Check

The basic requirement of rolecheck is a DSC i.e. Digital signature which has a validity period (not expired on the date of rolecheck) of the person who wants to register the DSC with MCA.

How to Register /Associate DSC or do Role Check?

For registering digital signature - you need to visit the official website of MCA. 
You will find the option under "MCA Services" likes shown in the screenshots below.

Rolecheck Digital Signature (DSC) in MCA for Director, CS, etc

Then choose your option at the right hand panel of the screen, click either on Director or Manager /Secretary or Practising Professional or Authorised Representative as per your required choice.

The screens will come something like this: (e.g. for Director)

Director DSC rolecheck register in MCA

Fill in the necessary details and then click on the "select certificate" to choose the DSC to be registered for which the details are filled in and then click on the "submit" button.

The acknowledgement message will come for a successful rolecheck.

If you want to ensure whether the DSC is updated or not. Then go to the view signatory details option (available at mca site) for any one of the companies in which the Director / Manager / Secretary (for which DSC registered) is currently working and you will be able to see the status of the updated DSC.


  1. I have downloaded mca emsigner.after running also its icon not coming on the screen.

  2. Hello all

    I've register with wrong DSC in MCA, will i be able to re register the right one for the same DIN?

    1. Yes, you can. As soon as you update the DSC again, the wrong one will get removed and the correct one will get updated. Go ahead without any worry.

    2. Thank you sir.

  3. Digital signature of our company secretary is already registered on MCA portal as Director.
    Earlier he was director in some other company, now he resigns but still signature is registered as Director.
    How to change it from Director to secretary

    1. Simply, register/udate the DSC of that CS again in the MCA as a Secretary (not as a Director).

  4. Anonymous20 July, 2019

    Hi ! Under MCA Portal one can sign up ,either as a Registered User (Individual) or Business User( Director/ CA/CA/CMA), now I am confused that to Upload any Form(Let say MGT-7/AOC-4) then login through DSC of director is mandatory for that company or registered user can also upload it , if DSC of Director /Professional are associated with ROC ? If answer is Yes (By Regd. User also) , then what's the use of login througb DSC by Director/ CA/CS .... Please solve this confusion .

    1. Two things:

      Firstly: Whether you are registered as a "Registered User" or "Business User" at MCA for filing forms, both ways filing process is same. In both cases, forms have to be filled in fully and DSC of a Director and DSC of Practising Professionals will be affixed in such forms and then uploaded at MCA after login.

      For this purpose, DSC of Director or Practising Professionals are associated at MCA site in advance (Check MCA site >> MCA Services >> DSC Services >> Associate DSC). This is a one time process and is valid till the expiry of DSC.

      Secondly: If you are registered as "Business User", the log in through DSC is an additional verification step to ensure that the forms are uploaded by you and not by someone who is just using your name at MCA site as a Registered User to upload the forms to MCA. It is just a security measure to avoid misuse of name. This is what I am guessing the MCA might have thought of.


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