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Inspection of Public Documents : Physical & Online

First of all, let us understand as to what documents are going to be inspected and why.

The documents, which we are referring here, are the documents which are filed by the registered Companies/LLPs, as a legal compliance, and further got approved by respective authority i.e. ROC, Central Govt., once these documents (forms) are approved by the respective authority, it becomes a public record and is, therefore, made available to the public in general for inspection. One can have any purpose, commercial/non-commercial, whatsoever, for inspection of such documents.

These documents are the mainly the documents relating to Incorporation, charges, changes in directors, annual returns, balance sheet etc.

How can someone get access to these documents?

There are two modes of getting an access to these documents.
(1) Online Inspection at www.mca.gov.in/MCA21/
(2) Physical Inspection at respective Registrar of Companies (ROC)

Online Inspection (mainly documents filed after September 16, 2006 are available online)

Any person, through the online platform available at MCA site since September 16, 2006, (before this date the documents were filed by the Companies with the ROC/Central Govt. in physical form), can inspect the documents online by payment of a specified fee.

Step-by-step Instructions 

(1) One has to first sign-up and then log-in at http://www.mca.gov.in/DCAPortalWeb/ ;
(2) After successful logging in, in the 'services' section you can see the "View Public Documents", click on it;
View Public Document - Step number 1

(3) After clicking on the view public documents, search for the company you want to inspect the documents, try to use first name of the company while searching as sometimes a little error in the full name might not give you exact result; you can also select a no. of companies by using add to cart option;
(4) Select the company(ies) and pay the requisite fee;
(5) After the payment is made successfully and the challan is generated, go back to the "My Documents" section, now there you can see the list of companies you have paid fees for inspection; there under the company status you will be able see a "view" option, click on that "view" link;
View Public Document - Step number 2
(6) After clicking on the view option you will be able to see the various categories for which documents are available, select any of the option and then click on the particular document and then select the option 'view documents' wait for sometime as it downloads the files onto your computer system, and then save the file to your system;

View Public Document - Step number 3

(7) all the files available are in .pdf format for which a pdf reader software must be installed in your computer.

Note: Once you have made the payment for inspection, you can also view the documents later but within  next 7 days for a maximum of 3 hours, after which it will not be available for viewing and again if you desire to view the files you will have to pay the fees again and follow the same procedure to view the documents.

Physical Inspection

As already mentioned above, before September 16, 2006, the companies were filing the documents in physical form with ROC/CG, the documents were kept in respective ROC and therefore mostly those documents are not available in electronic form. To inspect these documents, one has to carry the printed copy of the challan (downloaded after payment of inspection fees as mentioned above) to the concerned ROC, in every ROC there is a inspection section which allows inspection of documents on production of the printed challan copy, but this inspection facility is available for a limited hour during a day. One can take the xerox copies of these physical forms after paying necessary fees per copy.

Hope the above will make it a little easier for you to inspect the public documents online/offline. Any doubt or problem in understanding the above, please let us know through comments.

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