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BenPos : BenPos Report / BenPos Date

BenPos is the short form of Beneficiary Position.

What is BenPos?

Benpos refers to the list of beneficiaries/beneficial owners (the shareholders of a company, who are holding the shares in demat form), which is provided by a Depository viz. NSDL/CDSL to the R & T Agents (Registrar and Share Transfer Agent).

When BenPos is provided?

Generally, on a weekly basis, the Depositories, provide the download of benpos to all the Registrars. Currently on every Friday it is being provided. As and when it is required by the Companies, the companies can take their benpos from the registrar.

Also the download of Benpos is available for various statutory requirements viz. book closure / record date, AGM etc. 

As and when requested by the Companies, Depositories also provide downloads of beneficiary position upon payment of a certain amount as fixed by the depository.

Importance of BenPos date

Benpos dates are very important to decide the eligible shareholders as on that date. Sometimes voting rights are reckoned on the shares registered in the name of the Shareholders/Beneficial Holders on the Benpose date.

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