Date of Signing of Reports on Financial Statements by Auditors

Relevant Provisions

Section 134(1) of the Companies Act 2013
Section 145 of the Companies Act 2013
Section 141(2) of the Companies Act 2013

Who can sign the Auditor's Report?

In case the Auditor of the company is an individual chartered accountant, he will sign the auditor's report.

In case the Auditor is a firm including a LLP, only the partners who are chartered accountants, who are duly authorised by the firm/llp, will sign on behalf of the firm/llp.

Date of signing of Auditor's Report

Generally, in the case of most of the companies, the date of signing of the annual financial statements and the auditor's report is one and the same, which is generally the day on which the board meeting was held for considering the statements and reports and agm date is decided. But it could be different depending from case to case.


The annual financial statements are approved by the board of directors and the same is signed by the directors/officials duly authorised for it.

These statements are handed over to the auditors for their report thereon.

The auditors, based on those statements, prepare and finalise the auditor's report.

The auditors sign the auditor's report and also sign copies of all the financial statements.

The auditors provide these documents to the board of directors of the company.

The board of directors peruse the contents of the auditor's report.

If the auditor's report contains any qualifications, observations or comments on financial transactions or matters which have any adverse effect on the functioning of the company, the Board has to give an explanation on the same which will form a part of the Board's Report.