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Public Notice for Loss of Share Certificate

Specimen/format of Public Notice in Newspaper for Loss of Share Certificate

TWOP Inds Limited

Regd. Office: ___________________

NOTICE is hereby given that the following Share Certificates have been reported as lost/ stolen/ misplaced/ not traceable and the registered holder(s) thereof / claimant(s) thereof have applied to the Company for issue of Duplicate Share Certificates.





Name of Shareholder

Distinctive Nos.



No. of Shares



The Company has notified the Stock Exchange(s), where these shares are listed, the loss of these share certificates. Any person(s) who has/have any claim in respect of these share certificates should write to the Company Secretary/Whole-time Director at the address given above within 15 days from the date of publication of this Notice. In case where no objection is received within the said 15 days, the Company will proceed to issue duplicate share certificates.

After issuance of duplicate share certificates, the original share certificates shall stand cancelled and any person dealing with the original share certificate/s shall be doing so at his/her own risk as to costs and consequences and the Company will not be responsible for it in any way.

The public is hereby warned against purchasing or dealing in anyway with the above Share Certificates. 

Place:_______                                              For TWOP Inds Limited
Date: ______                                                Company Secretary/Director

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