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Notice of Change of Venue & Time of Annual General Meeting AGM

notice of change of date and venue of annual general meetingDue to certain exceptional reasons, if a company is unable to hold the annual general meeting (AGM) on the scheduled date and venue for which the notice is already sent to the members (shareholders) then the company can reschedule the meeting to a later date at the same or changed venue.

The shareholders have to be informed about the change. Hence, another notice has to be served on the shareholders notifying them about the change in date and venue of AGM.

The following is only a format of such notice of change in venue and time of the annual general meeting. Do refer relevant provisions under the Companies Act, 2013 and the rules framed thereunder before finalising and dispatching the notice.



Notice is hereby given that due to unavoidable reasons, the ensuing Annual General Meeting of the company scheduled to be held at (full address) on (day), the (date) of (month), (year) at (time) vide company’s notice dated ............ sent to the members of the company together with Annual Report, will now be held at (new changed address) on (day), the (date) of (month), (year) at (time).

Members of the company are hereby informed to attend the ensuing ...the Annual General Meeting of the company at the changed venue i.e. at (new changed address) on (day), the (date) of (month), (year) at (time).

                                            By Order of the Board of Directors,
                                            (Name of the Company)

                                            (Name of the Director/Officer)
                                            (DIN/Memb. No. ................)

Place: .......................
Date: ........................