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Notice of Change in Venue and Time of Annual General Meeting : FORMAT

Specimen/Format of Notice of Change in Venue and Time of the Annual General Meeting


Notice is hereby given that due to unavoidable reasons, the ensuing Annual General Meeting of the Company scheduled to be held at _______________________________(address) on _____day, the __th _________, 2014 at ________(time) vide Company’s Notice dated __th _________, 2014 sent to the Members of the Company together with Annual Report, will now be held at ______________________ (changed address) on _____day, the __th _________, 2014 at ________(time).

Members of the Company are hereby informed to attend the ensuing Annual General Meeting of the Company at the changed venue i.e. at __________________(changed address) _____day, the __th _________, 2014 at ________(time). 
                                                                         By Order of the Board of Directors, 

Place:  _____________                               Mr./ Ms. _____________
Date:   _____________                               Company Secretary

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