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Issue of Duplicate Share Certificate : Board Resolution Format

Issue of Duplicate Share Certificate - Board Resolution

The Company Secretary/Chairman informed that the Company has received a letter from Shri O Q Lee, an existing shareholder requesting the Company to issue Duplicate Share Certificate(s) in lieu of the Original Share Certificate(s) bearing no. …. for … no. of equity shares, which he/she has reported of having lost/not traceable/torn etc. Shri O Q  Lee has also attached an Indemnity Bond duly executed by him/her and has intimated that the said loss has also been advertised in the ‘…… Newspaper’ on (Date). The Company has verified the documents and has found it in order.

The matter was discussed and Upon motion duly passed and seconded, it was:

RESOLVED THAT duplicate share certificate(s) for …. shares of Rs. … each numbered …. to ….. (both inclusive) be issued to the said applicant in lieu of the Original Certificate No. … under the Common Seal of the company to be affixed in the presence any two Directors and the Company Secretary of the company, who do sign the same.”

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