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Issue of Duplicate Share Certificate: Board Resolution Format

board resolution format for issue of duplicate share certificateRefer:
• Section 46 of the Companies Act, 2013 - Certificate of Shares
• Rule 6 of the Companies (Share Capital and Debentures) Rules, 2014 - Issue of Renewed or Duplicate Share Certificate

Following is a template of the extract of the minutes of the board meeting wherein the issue of duplicate share certificates to a shareholder was considered and approved.


#. Issue of Duplicate Share Certificate

The Managing Director informed the Board that the company has received a request letter from (Name of the Shareholder) - a shareholder for issue of duplicate share certificates in lieu of the original share certificates for his shareholding of (number) equity shares.

It was further stated that in his letter the shareholder claims to have lost or misplaced the original certificates / the share certificates are in torn/damaged condition. The shareholder has provided the copies of ...................., an English newspaper and ..............., a local newspaper both dated ............... wherein he had reported his loss of certificates. He has also provided a duly executed indemnity bond and an FIR copy in this regard along with his identity and address proofs. The company has verified all these documents and has found these in order as per the company policy.

All the documents were tabled before the Board at the meeting for perusal and consideration.

Upon motion duly passed and seconded, it was:

“RESOLVED THAT duplicate share certificates be issued in lieu of the original certificates as per the following details:

Folio Number
Name of the Shareholder
No. of Equity Shares
Original Certificate No.
New Certificate No.
Distinctive Nos.

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT (Name of the Person), (Designation) and (Name of the Person), (Designation) be and is hereby jointly authorised to sign with their facsimile signatures and issue the duplicate share certificates to the concerned member of the company.”