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format of special notice for removal of director


The Board of Directors,
XYZ Limited,
Sub.: Special Notice for removal of Director

Dear Sirs,

I hereby give you a Special Notice as per the section 115 of the Companies act 2013 & rule 23 of the Companies (Management and Administration) Rules, 2014 of my intention to move at the ensuing Annual General Meeting of the Company the following resolution to be an Ordinary Resolution for the removal of Mr. X, Director of your company, pursuant to section 169 of the Companies Act,2013:

RESOLVED THAT Mr. X, Director of the Company, whose office is liable to determination by retirement by rotation of directors, be and is hereby removed from the directorship on the board of directors of the Company.

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT Mr. KP, the Company Secretary of the Company, be and is hereby authorised to do all such acts, deeds and things as may be necessary to give effect to this resolution."

Kindly do the needful.

Thanking You,
Yours Truly,

Mr.  X,
Folio No.:

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