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Board Resolution for Resignation of Company Secretary

The Board was informed that Shri / Ms. ______ has, owing to his personal reasons, tendered his/her resignation w.e.f. _____(Date).

Letter of resignation received from Shri / Ms. __________ was tabled at the meeting.

The Board wished to record its deep appreciation for the contributions of Shri / Ms. __________ as ‘Company Secretary’ during his/her employment and also for the significant contributions he has made to the Corporate Affairs of the Company and for the valuable advises he made to the Board from time to time.

Upon motion duly made and seconded, it was: 

“RESOLVED THAT the Board do hereby accept the resignation of Shri / Ms. __________ as ‘Company Secretary’ of the Company with effect from _______(date).

RESOLVED FURTHER to record the appreciation of Board for the services rendered by Shri / Ms. __________ during his tenure as ‘Company Secretary’ of the Company.

RESOLVED FURTHER THAT Shri / Ms. __________, Director and Shri / Ms. _________, Director be and is hereby severally authorized to file e-form DIR-12 with the Registrar of Companies and to do all such acts, deeds and things as may be necessary to give effect to this resolution.”

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