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Minutes of Statutory Meeting

Here under is a Specimen format of the Minutes of Statutory meeting of a Company:

MINUTES OF THE STATUTORY MEETING OF THE MEMBERS OF (Company Name) HELD AT THE REGISTERED OFFICE OF THE COMPANY AT ........(address) ON .......(day) THE __TH  DAY OF .............(month), .......(year) AT .......(time).

Directors Present:
1. Mr. H     -           Chairman

2. Mr. T     -           Director
3. Mr. O     -           Director

In Attendance:

Mr. U        -           Company Secretary


Mr. K        -           Partner, F & T Associates, Chartered Accountants

Mr. D        -           General Manager - Finance

Members / Proxies:

Members present in person: 10

Proxies present: 5

Mr. H, Chairman of the Meeting, took the chair. The Chairman extended a warm and hearty welcome to shareholders present at the Statutory Meeting of the Company.

The Chairman after confirming that the requisite quorum as present called the meeting to order.

Notice of AGM:

The Chairman stated that with the permission of the members present, the Notice of the Meeting with the explanatory statement annexed thereto, which has been already circulated to them, may be taken as read. The Members consented to it and Notice convening the Statutory Meeting was taken as read.

The Chairman also informed the members that the Register of Directors’ Shareholding was on the table before him and the same was available for inspection by the members.

The Chairman briefed the members about the prospective business scenarios of the Company and explained in brief the Company’s policy to be adopted for the growth of the Company in the coming period.

The Chairman then requested the Company Secretary to read the Statutory Report. The Statutory Report was then read out by the Company Secretary.


The Meeting then took up for consideration the items on the Agenda :

Item No.1: Adoption of Statutory Report

The Chairman, then, proposed the following resolution.

This was seconded by Mr. YT, a member.

“RESOLVED THAT the copy of Statutory Report as annexed with the notice and duly certified by the directors and auditors of the company as required under the  companies act, 1956 be and is hereby approved. 

FURTHER RESOLVED THAT Mr. X, Company Secretary or Mr. Y, Director be and are hereby severally authorised to file the Statutory Report with the Registrar of Companies”.

The Chairman put the motion to vote on a show of hands and declared the same carried unanimously.

Item No.2: To discuss any matter relating to the formation of the company or arising out of the statutory report.

The Chairman invited, from the members, any clarification on the Statutory Report of the Company or the formation of the Company.

Thereafter several members participated in discussion and put forth their queries. The Chairman replied suitably to the questions being asked.

Vote of Thanks:

With all the items of the agenda being transacted, the chairman thanked the members for making it convenient to attend the Annual General Meeting and also thanked them for their active participation in the Annual General Meeting.

Thereafter, the Chairman declared the meeting as concluded.


Place:                                                                          Mr. H

Date:                                                                           Chairman

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