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Notice Format of Meeting of Board of Directors (Board Meeting)

notice of board meeting companies act 2013 sampleThere is no specific format of board meeting notice given under the Companies Act, 2013. The following notice is only a template of such notice of any board meeting of the company.

Refer Section 173 of the Companies Act, 2013 and other relevant provisions before finalising the notice and issuing it. Along with the notice, the list of items of agendas, detailed notes for each item and draft resolutions will have to be provided.

Modify the following template suitably as required in your case.


Notice of the Board Meeting

(Name of the Director)
(Director's Designation)
(Postal Address) 
(Email, if any)
(DIN: ..............)

Dear Sir/Madam,

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that meeting of the Board of Directors of the company i.e. ............. Limited, will be held on, the day of (month), (year) at (time am/pm) at the registered office of the company at ..............(venue)...........

The Agenda with the list of items of business to be transacted at the meeting and notes thereto is enclosed herewith for your kind perusal.

You are requested to make it convenient to attend the meeting.

For ............. Limited

(Name of the Issuing Authority)
(DIN: ..............)

Place: ................
Date: ..................


  1. whether place is mandatory in case of board meeting

    1. Yes. The Notice shall specify the serial number, day, date, time and full address of the venue of the Meeting. Please refer the Secretarial Standard-1 (SS-1) on Meetings of the Board of Directors issued by ICSI.

    2. In case your query is whether mentioning place of board meeting to be held through video conferencing, is compulsory or not - in that case too the venue of the board meeting has to be mentioned in the notice.

      Refer sub-rule (6) of rule 3 of the Companies (Meetings of Board and its Powers) Rules 2014, which says -

      (6) With respect to every meeting conducted through video conferencing or other audio visual means authorised under these rules, the scheduled venue of the meeting as set forth in the notice convening the meeting, which shall be in India, shall be deemed to be the place of the said meeting and all recordings of the proceedings at the meeting shall be deemed to be made at such place.

  2. Thanks! The format was useful.


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