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Balance Confirmation Letter format from Bank

The following is a format of covering letter to a bank requesting for Balance confirmation for the bank account(s) and also for some other banking facilities availed from the bank. Generally, this confirmation is obtained from the bank just after a financial year is ended, asking the bank to confirm and provide the details of closing balance as on year end date i.e. 31st March.

Template of the Letter to the Bank

Ref.: ______________
Date: ______________


The Manager

___________ Bank, _________ Branch


Sub.: Balance Confirmation as on 31st March _____.

Kindly confirm the balances as on 31st March _______ for the followings which is required for our annual financial audit purposes.

1. Current A/c No. –

2. Term Loan A/c No. –   ______________

3. Cash credit A/c No. –  _______________

4. Letter of Credits

5. Bank Guarantees
6. Fixed deposits along with accrued interest.

Kindly do the needful.

Thanking you,

Yours Faithfully,
For ___________ Limited


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