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Use of ‘Your Goodself’ and ‘Your Good Offices’ in a Letter


While going through a letter communication or any written correspondence or even sometimes in oral interaction, you might have come across this phrase - "your goodself". If you are wondering what exactly it means, then here is a brief explanation for it.

Well, this phrase, in short, carries the meaning of "you".

But wording it as 'your goodself' would mean 'you' in a very polite and respectable way.

Mainly, it is used in written correspondence with officials of Government / Federal offices or while communicating in writing with a senior personnel in high rank in an organisation.

Although, it is very rarely used in written communication between private sector companies.

Similarly, in general conversation between people, the use of this phrase is very rare.

Example: We request your goodself to kindly look into our matter at an urgent basis and provide us with necessary guidance to proceed further.


It is used as 'Your Good Office' or 'Your Good Offices'.
Here, the word 'office' or 'offices' simply means influence.
Thereby, the whole phrase would mean 'your good influence'.

Where/How is it referred to in communications?

Generally, it is used in a polite way to convey the message in a written communication.

Meaning, somebody's good influence has got the job done of another.

Example: Mr. Harry through the good offices of his friend got the waiting flight ticket cleared for a seat.


  1. Rohith Fernandes18 June, 2018

    Thanks for the brief explanation! I am quite clear on the meaning now.

  2. The phrase 'Your Goodself' your 'Goodself' or 'your goodself' is correct ?

    1. If it is used in the beginning of the sentence, then "Your gooodself".
      If it is used in the middle or end of the sentence, then "your gooodself".


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