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Board Resolution for VAT registration format

The following template of board resolution can be used for VAT registration purpose.

Sample/Specimen Board Resolution for VAT registration

"RESOLVED THAT the consent of the Board of Directors be and is hereby accorded to get the ______ office of the Company registered under the _____ Value Added Tax and the rules made thereunder in the State of _____.

FURTHER RESOLVED THAT Mr. X, Director-Finance and Mr. Y, GM-Finance be and are hereby severally and wherever required jointly authorised to sign, execute, move and file necessary documents and do all the necessary action required for obtaining VAT registration in the State of _______ and to do all such acts, things and deeds incidental/consequential thereto including all the correspondences.

FURTHER RESOLVED THAT a copy of the resolution duly certified by any of the Directors of the Company be forwarded to the concerned authorities.

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