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What are Chartered Companies? Meaning and Example

What is a Chartered Company?

A company/ corporation which is formed by the grant of a charter by the Crown and which is regulated by that charter is called as a Chartered Company/ Corporation.

These companies are very rare to see these days and it can be said that they don't exist anymore.

Example of Chartered Company

A well known Chartered Company was 'East India Company'. Other chartered companies were Royal African Company, Swedish Levant Company, Compagnie du Sénégal, American Trading Company of Borneo, North Borneo Chartered Company, etc.

Chartered companies were popular in Europe years ago. They were allowed to certain rights and privileges but they were accountable to various obligations.

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  1. Dharmender Dogra05 August, 2018

    Thanks for the meaning of Chartered company. I was not very sure on what it is.

  2. Yes you of course rightly said about the chartered company can you explain the history behind them.

    1. Anonymous21 May, 2022

      visit the website of encyclopedia britannia for the same definition.

  3. please can you explain the full meaning of chartered companies

  4. also roles and the failure of chartered companies


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