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Use of Limited (Ltd.) or Private Limited (Pvt. Ltd.) in Company name

When a company registers with limited liability, the word "Limited" or the words "Private Limited", as the case may be, shall form, and be registered as, the last word or words of its name.

The Name of a Company is the indicator of its legal status. As such, by a bare look at the name of the company, a layman must understand whether it is a private or public company.

Use of word ‘Private Limited’ or ‘Pvt. Ltd.’

All the companies, which are registered as the private limited companies, must mention at all places like in letter heads, common seal, stamp, hoardings, letters etc at the end of their Company’s name either ‘Private Limited’ or ‘Pvt. Ltd.’.

Use of word ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd.’

Likewise as described above a public limited company shall mention at the end of their Company’s name either ‘Limited’ or ‘Ltd.’.


(1) The word ‘limited’ or ‘private limited’ should always come at the end of the name and not in anywhere else in the name.

(2) A Company, which is registered under section 8 of the companies act,  2013 (earlier section 25 of the companies act, 1956), can take the exemption of omitting the word ‘limited’ or ‘private limited’ in their name.

(3) A Company which is listed in any stock exchange doesn’t have to additionally add any words in its name extra.

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