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Straight Through Process (STP) of Forms in MCA Portal

Straight Through Process (STP) is adopted in approval of forms filed with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Some of the eforms, required to be filed with MCA, which are Informatory in Nature, and are filed under Straight through process, meaning the e-forms is being taken on record by the respective Registrar of Companies through electronic mode on the base that the forms are being certified by the Practicing Professionals like CA/CS/CWA.

Examples of forms approved under STP: Forms PAS-3, DIR-6, MSC-1, few MGT-14 forms, etc.

Mainly to avoid delay in the processing of forms filed with MCA and adhering to the Standards of the Practicing Professionals adopted while verification of forms, this Straight Through Process is adopted by MCA.

At any later point of time, these forms may be examined anytime by the Registrar of Companies (RoC).